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  1. Huge win for the Aces! Offense was rolling last night...
  2. This had to be one of the most disappointing performances I have seen by a Catholic team in a long time. FC played with intensity and cleary wanted it more. I worried coming off the big win last week at Warren East this game had the potential to lay a big egg.... Edge will have this team ready next week.... The two should meet again in round 2 of playoffs.
  3. He is getting close. I would guess 85%....
  4. Huge win for the Aces! vs the #3 team in 4A.......:thumb:
  5. This comes from Walker not being 100% yet. The offense has not been able to stretch the field yet. Hopefully in a few weeks...
  6. BG has some nice athletes but they look to be very beatable. Catholic ran at will on them. I also noticed 3 or 4 Catholic starters not dressed.
  7. Most OCath fans are on other boards now....All I can say is Mercer is the REAL deal. Probably the best high school team I have seen in some time. I know we were without out QB but we would still have been beat with him although we more than likely would have scored on all or some of those 4 trips to the red zone with him and came away with nothing. Mercer should be 14+ better than Russell
  8. OC might as well go ahead and cancel the trip.....:dancingpa
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