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  1. I have heard that Ft. Campbell will be their 1st game. Nice to see them playing each other again. It has been since the 90's.
  2. Tre Powell of Ft. Campbell could have another big year. Didn't play rb alot until late in the season but averaged over 10 yards per carry this year as a freshman.
  3. Ft. Campbell Hopkinsville Christian County Mayfield Clarksville, Tn. Trigg County Caldwell County Ft. Knox (Army Bowl) Hancock County (District) Todd County (District) Owensboro Catholic (District)
  4. The receiver on that play was wide open on the cardinal head, no defender within 15 yards of him. It would have been a TD if he doesn't drop the pitch back to him.
  5. both middle schools are in kentucky. so you have to cross the border to go to high school. lol
  6. The Falcons gave up 100 points in the 2 losses at the beginning of the season. During the 11 game winning streak, they have given up only 99 points and no more than 20 in 1 game. Good luck Falcons, keep the defensive pressure up
  7. The referee said that the ball must touch an opponent or the ground before you can catch it in the air.
  8. What a game this should be. Ft. Campbell goes on the long journey to the Hornets hive. Ft. Campbell had a tough game while Metcalfe had an easy one in Cadiz.
  9. gate 3 is in tennessee, right across from Arby's.
  10. This feat should make the national newspaper USA TODAY on Monday.
  11. correction on Ft. Campbell-Owensboro Catholic 1st meeting FC won by 23
  12. Heath would have played Ft. Campbell in the 1st round. Caldwell would have played Todd County and advanced to 2nd round against Owensboro Catholic.
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