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  1. I think Harrison's road was easier in the east. Harrison County lost earlier in the year to Marion County and they were eventually defeated in the second round in the west.
  2. They simply didn't match up well with Catholic, especially in the trenches. With the exceptions of Lex Cath and possibly Bell County, there wasn't anyone else in Class 4A that was better than Lone Oak.
  3. Hickman took several hard shots throughout the playoffs yet continued to get right back up and kept ticking. After battling and defeating cancer, you can understand where his tough mentality comes from.
  4. Great job Falcons!!!! I know your papas must be extremely proud. :ylsuper:
  5. You're right. I'm just tired of someone trying to convince me that a team (Bell Co.) that beat two teams on their schedule with winning records could win convincingly over a team that defeated not one but two top ten teams on their way to Papa John's.
  6. Does Bell have 100+ on their roster? Do they have the athletes to cover Lone Oak's receivers like Catholic did? It really doesn't matter at this point but the Purple Flash is no lower than the third best team in Class 4A, no matter how bad they looked today. Today's game was simply won at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. The Knights go two or three deep at all of those positions and Lone Oak's boys were going both ways and may have two reserves that gave the starters brief breathers.
  7. I'm not even going to get sucked into the private/public debate but it is what it is. Lexington Catholic had twice the numbers and Lone Oak is a county school that hasn't, nor will they, consolidate with the other area county schools. Lone Oak would have fared just fine against Bell County. Might not have beaten them but they are still a solid third in Class 4A.
  8. You've exceeded our wildest dreams and expectations this year. We're still proud of you Purple Flash. Nothing to hang your heads about being 2nd place in Class 4A!!!! Thanks for the ride and great memories this season.
  9. Since KHSAA's site is having issues, can someone please post a link to where we can listen to the game?
  10. Congrats to Central. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe this is the first Kentucky High School African-American coach to win a football state championship.
  11. Central has overcame four turnovers and somehow has the lead. Should be a good second half.
  12. Fumbles killing the Jackets! Can't keep giving a powerful team like Belfry such great field position.
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