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  1. Catholic is said to be improved, however, the past few years playing Catholic tends to coincide with increased offensive production.
  2. I'm pretty sure California doesn't crown a true state champion. I think NoCal and SoCal champs is as good as it gets.
  3. Maybe, but their supperior desirse and effort from the third grade on would probably be enough to overcome any foes.
  4. Not ture either! According to the OHSAA St. X 1173 St. Iggy 1086 Colerain 897 Upper A 723 Glenville 756 Canton Mc 686 Only Canton McKinley even comes close to half the enrollment. Also are you sure Cleveland Glenville has won the Division 1 title. I couldn't find the year.
  5. The only problem that I see with your arguement in comparing Kentucky to the situation in Ohio is that the public schools you listed are equal in enrollment to most of the private schools that you listed. Trinity and St. X both enjoy a considerable enrollment advantage as compared with the rest of the schools in 6A. The schools at the bottom of 6A will have approximatley half the boys that attend T or X. I'm an Apollo fan. Apollo has about 1400 students, I'll assume about half are boys. Call me crazy but I believe that if they could pick between an additional 700 boys to field their team than they would be considerablly better than they are. Might not make to competitive with T or X but surely then would be much better. In Ohio's large class a private school has won 13 of the last 20 championships. The 6 public schools that have won a title are all about equal to the private schools that have won championships during that same period with the exception of St. X and St. Iggy which are by far larger than the others. Therefore it shouldn't be surprising that these two schools have won 11 of those 20 titles. Honestly I don't see much difference between Ohio and KY public schools. Are they really doing that much better? Ohio publics have only won 6 of the last 20 biggest class titles. Even the lowely publics in Kentucky have managed to win 5 of 20. I think that the only difference in preception is that there is a much larger population in Ohio with many more schools and many metropolitan areas. It doesn't come down to the same 2 schools almost every year, and therefore doesn't appear to be the problem that many feel it is in Kentucky.
  6. I think that is the most impressive thing about Highland's football. To play up 2 classes and still win back to back is really quite a feat.
  7. So every other year a public school can get the opportunity to get destoryed in the title game.
  8. Looks like the worst defeat ever in the biggest class state finals was in 2004. St. X beat Scott Co. by 40. Worst defeat in any title game was 2002 Breathitt Co. beat Corbin 52-0. Also in the running was 1998 Highland beating Waggoner by 49, and 2007 Lexington Catholic beating Lone Oak by 42
  9. Good call Coach. I'd hate to see what it looks like when your team gets blindsided then.
  10. The printed version of last Monday's USA Today had a sidebar on the front of the sports page that stated Trinity defeated St. X in the 6A title game. It was a mistype but to the dismay of about 35% of the poster in the game prediction thread, it appears that they were actually correct afterall.
  11. One-point bowls RL Carriers New Orleans Bowl Troy New Mexico Bowl Fresno State Pioneer Las Vegas Arizona Pacific Life Holiday Oklahoma St San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Boise State Sheraton Hawaii Notre Dame Motor City Central Michigan Champs Sports Florida St. Emerald California Meineke Car Care West Virginia Valero Alamo Missouri PetroSun Independence Illinois PapaJohns.com Rutgers Texas Bowl Rice Gaylord Hotels Music City Vanderbilt Insight Kansas Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl Houston Roady's Humanitarian Nevada Brut Sun Oregon State International Connecticut GMAC Tulsa Two-point bowls Chick-fil-A LSU Outback South Carolina AT&T Cotton Texas Tech Gator Nebraska Capital One Georgia Three-point bowls Rose Bowl presented by Citi USC Allstate Sugar Alabama Tostitos Fiesta Texas Four-point bowls Fed Ex Orange Cincinnati AutoZone Liberty Kentucky Five-point bowl Allstate BCS Championship Game Florida
  12. I would love to see a playoff, but the best arguement that I have heard against it is that you would have trobule making money because fans cannot afford to travel 4 weeks in a row. With a 16 team tourny you have to win 4 games to capture the title. I know that basketball does this format, however, it is only 3 weeks, but the biggest difference is with football you are talking about needed 80,000 whereas in basketball with the exception of the final four most rounds only seat 20,000 or so. On top of that you would need to pull 80,000 from only two fanbases, whereas in basketball you have 8 teams playing on one day during the opening rounds. I just don't see where that many fans of a team would be able to afford to travel 4 weeks in a row. Especially for teams like Ohio State and Southern Cal that are there almost every year, you just could not sustain the fan support year after year.
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