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  1. I will be there no doubt, got my tickets Tues morning.
  2. If it makes you feel any better, Mayfield players X. Shelton had tweaked his hamstring and J. Jackson did something to his ankle. It isn't quite as serious sounding as what has happened to Hayden, and I doubt they would miss this game for the world.
  3. Good analysis of the game voice, Mayfield had lots of ways to score, it was just too much for Beechwood, credit to the offensive coaching, they called the plays they needed based on the defense they saw. Good to see some others respecting Shelton, he is truly an athlete and will be missed but I think that Jevarius Richardson will replace his position next year and he is tougher in my opinion, maybe not quite as fast. William Higgison played the game of his life last night, he has really come into his own in the playoffs. I thought that from watching the videos of Beechwood-Bellvue that Mayfield would have the outside all night but Beechwood was shutting that down so they do have speed no doubt about it, thats where I credit the coaching. I know they poured over video for hours leading up to this game and it paid off. Crittenden has a big line, maybe as big as Mayfield's if not bigger, so that's why a lot of Mayfield fans think they could give Beechwood a game.
  4. Lol, good one. Seriously though, do you think Beechwood will be able to practice tomorrow? It's a yearly tradition for Mayfield (On the years we make it to the semis) to practice on Thanksgiving morning.
  5. Oh yes, I am pretty nervous about Beechwood coming down to Mayfield no doubt. If Mayfield can pull out the win we can say that we beat last years defending state champs, which is a great thing to say. I fully respect the program that Beechwood has, you got to with as many wins that they have and the program they have built up. I only say its possible for Mayfield to win by 2 or 3 TD's because of the quick-scoring ability of Mayfield but I know that Beechwood can score very quickly as well but I think that Mayfield can score in a couple more ways than Beechwood is all. I think that ultimately this game is going to come down to who plays mistake-free ball. On another note, I spoke with somebody today who is watching Mayfield practice and he said they looked ready and determined, so we will see how this story plays out on Friday night, hope everybody has a safe trip down and happy Thanksgiving!!
  6. I agree, but the Trousdale win was the biggest win for Mayfield this year by far, it was a very high scoring affair between the two teams. I think there was a total of over 900 yards for both teams by the end of the game!! It was basically Trousdale's rushing attack vs. Mayfield's passing attack, it was one of the best high school football games I have ever seen. Mayfield was down 21 points in the first half and rallied in the second quarter and then on into the second half to finally take the lead and pull it out in the end. I don't really know who to compare Trousdale to on Beechwood's schedule, they aren't as good as Highlands I wouldn't imagine but are probably better than Newport Central Cath. I know they have only lost one game this season and that was to Mayfield, they are getting ready to play McKenzie, TN for the TN state semis in 2A. So Mayfield has 2 teams still playing in tournaments, Trousdale and Paducah Tilghman and Beechwood has Highlands still playing in the tournament.
  7. Good post, anything can happen in High School football, Fort Campbell came into Murray last Friday night thinking they would go away winning and it came down to the wire, tied with 25 secs to go. They were the better team and they found a way to win, but not before they were playing the game of their lives!!
  8. Yep, I don't think coach Morris does it anymore, we've been burned too many times. As for the 2 or 3 point TD win for Mayfield, it's possible. Mayfield put up over 40 points against Tennessee powerhouse Trousdale county. The question will be if Mayfield can hold onto the ball or not.
  9. This years Mayfield team has honestly spread the ball around to everybody. One of the most balanced Mayfield teams I have ever seen. We have been our own worst enemy with turnovers last Friday night. But Shelton is the real deal, Critt put their best athlete Gray on him and he looked like he was standing still. If Mayfield can play mistake free ball, they can win this game. I have said all season that Mayfield can score anywhere on the field in less than 10 seconds, it's happened in about every game we have played in.
  10. Yeah, that place is tiny, not really a football stadium, I figured they would playing here instead of MSU to keep down the speed of FC.
  11. I was at the Bills/Titans game this past weekend and I will tell ya, Shelton should have been in there in place of T.O., that dude lined up offsides, AN NFL PLAYER!!
  12. I agree, 6 classes is just not working, ridiculous drive to get flattened by 70 points. Anybody with a red jersey on tonight scored. Our second string QB was putting on the points in the 2nd quarter.
  13. I say that Tilghman will win over Edmonson County, but that probably won't shock anybody but Edmonson county fans.
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