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  1. Owensboro v. BG, this one should be a dandy at Rash. Looking forward to the Red Devils putting the hurt on the Purples!
  2. Lets go with a Lone Oak win 41-27. I see this game being close but look for the Flash to seize control mid-way thru the third! Robinson is a real nice QB!
  3. This is a big time accomplishment, for a well-deserving kid. I hope the Flash show everybody up!
  4. If Boone wins this game that just helps Owensboro look a lot better. Booneis a good team, and from the looks of it Henry Clay is too. Toss up probably, I'll go Boone 35 HC 28
  5. I just can't believe some of the things that I hear over there are true, but something must not have been right from awhile back. Too bad the kid involved had to go through this and also his teammates. And life is not always about Wins and Losses, but about Respecting others and your character, along with the many lives you touch. Hopefully everyone in this situation learn something from this including the young man.
  6. 1.Ft. Campbell 2.Owensboro Catholic 3.PT 4.Fulton City 5.Mayfield 6.Caldwell 7.Trigg 8.Russellville 9.Metcalfe 10.Glasgow With all these teams it basically comes down as to who is ready to play that night.
  7. The kid tore a ligament in his knee earlier in the year and up to that point was looking like he was going to have a tremendous season. He played through it and sat a couple of games as well, and looked like he was getting back on track, UNTIL, Just heard he is no longer apart of the team, head coach's decision. Can't go into to much detail, but sounds petty to me. This is going to be pivotal in the Red Devils run in the play-offs. Hope that the players can rebound from this and go to state as I predicted earlier in the year. Go Devils!:fire:
  8. Sad to here if he has to miss the rest of season.
  9. 1.BG 2.Owensboro 3.Marshall 4.Warren East 5.Lone Oak 6.DC 7.Graves 8.Christian County 9.Henderson 10.Hopkinsville
  10. I think that if Highlands or BG played Owensboro on Friday night, I think either team could have picked their score. Just not a good game, they will regroup hopefully for the stretch run, the last 4 to 8 games left. Good luck this week.
  11. After watching Boone, I would say that they will be very hard to stop offensively and could cause some problems passing the ball. The speed of Owensboro defense and RB was more then they could overcome. They could have easily won that game though. But with that said I don't think Ryle will stop them. 42-29
  12. My thinking is that DC has played everyone of those teams tough. Owensboro, my team, beat them 31-7. But we scored 2 defensive touchdowns, and set up another score. So take away 2 TD's and the score is 17-7. That is a lot closer. The Marshall game don't know too much about except if they would have shut down or even contained Alan Williams, they would have been fine. They just played awful against Graves. It can go alot of different ways. I just think they are better then those 3 losses. Another team no one mentions and they have won 2 in a row, Henderson, even though I hate to say it.
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