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  1. Many are still waiting to see where they will play their football, baseball, softball, track, tennis, etc. Unless I'm wrong, (and I am on a daily basis), state funds provide for basic educational facilities, along with a gymnasium, but do not provide for other athletic facilities (as listed above), or development thereof. Don't those come from private/booster funds? If I'm wrong, why did it take Graves County 22 years to build their own football stadium? I got this information from a couple of folks who seem to be more in tune with this type of thing than I. This might not be the case at all, but if it is, I would love to hear more of an explanation as to when and where all of this might happen. Westsider, you might have more of an inside track on this.
  2. Sorry, Westsider, I thought they had finished 4th. Maybe the 4-6 record threw me off. But only 4 regular season wins, perhaps, as someone stated, might be a new record, too. Another great BGP advantage, is that when you're wrong, you can always count on someone more knowledgable to set you straight. But I'd bet there aren't many 3rd place district teams which have won a state title, either.
  3. Sorry, I thought they had finished 4th in their district. but hte 6 losses, I knew there was a first in there somewhere. My apologies for starting a thread with incorrect information.
  4. Tilghman does have a lot of talent on this team. Randy Wyatt, as head coach, has faced a LOT of local criticism. After the third or fourth week of the season, Wyatt wasn't at practice one day, and there was speculation that he had been let go. Wyatt himself, even questioned after losing to McLean county 28-6 (A game that PT should have won) whether or not coaching was the right profession for him. They had one of their premier running backs, suffer a season ending injury very early (Might have even been the first game) EVERYONE locally, (or at least everyone I've talked with), wrote them off after finishing fourth in their district, and figured at best, they might win their first playoff game, or two, but wouldn't advance past the third round. This was a team that did not play as a team, and appeared to have some leadership issues. Just goes to show what you can do when you come to play instead of going through the motions.
  5. Considering how this season has gone for Tilghman, I see a movie deal coming...
  6. Breaking a football drought of 24 years. Way to go Big Blue!
  7. More so for some particular players. Jack Coorts has had more practice with PAT's, even as a junior, and hits at about 98% accuracy. He missed 3 all year, and Friday he missed 2. Saw him on TV last night, and the pain and tears on his face pretty well said what his thoughts were. Again, congrats to Boyle, but this one for Lone Oak hurts more deeply than their blowout to LexCath 2 years ago. In that game, LO didn't stand a chance, in this game, they were in the driver's seat. It's often said that football is a great emulation of how life goes. You pick up the pieces and go on.
  8. To ever win a state football title as the number four district seed?
  9. You're right, perhaps the word competitive is the incorrect word. Not as strong, or "weakest" class, is what I should have said. But the winner of this game won't care. A state title, is, a state title.
  10. That probably shouldn't have happened either. But the ball is shaped funny for a reason. Funny how the games with great comebacks are the most remembered. And I certainly don't want to take anything away from Boyle county. They have a great tradition, are a great program, and will certainly not make this their last appearance in a title game. However they won, they did win, and my congratulations to them and the Boyle County fans. May not have been the prettiest win, but a W is a W.
  11. Point well made, and taken. My thoughts in that Lone Oak was the better team, is that they weren't better by much. I thought they had more offensive weapons than any team they've played this year, and a great defense to back it up. LO has no D-1 prospects this year, nor "stars", as does Boyle with McSharra. But my main point is this. There's NO reason why you should ever give up 3 scores to the opposition when you lead by 16 points with 8 minutes to go. Whether you're Lone Oak, Boyle County, or whomever. Boyle County proved yesterday, that it's not over, until it's over, a lesson that Lone Oak should learn.
  12. Don't know about Somerset, but Tilghman got there by beating some teams they weren't expected to beat. I'm hoping for a PT win, and am wondering, when was the last time a 4th place district team won a state title in football? And no doubt, 3A is the least competitive class in KY Football. Neither of these two teams would have gotten this far in 1A or 2A.
  13. You don't have to explain anything to me. I have heard and read all the explanations on this one. Murray High fans still talk about this one, and they will till Jesus comes again, (and probably even after that) I'm from WK and I'm not even a fan of Murray High. But like you said, I'm just talking about what happened. However it turned out, is the way it turned out. But just know that was one game high school sports fans won't forget.
  14. You may think it's ludicrous, but the game plan changed for Lone Oak once they were up 16, and not at the half, but with 8 minutes to go in the game, they were up 16. Lone Oak was the better team IMO, but they let up against Boyle just like they did with LexCath on 9-11. You can't do that against a very good team. Stick with the game plan, do what got you there. Lone Oak didn't. If you read many of the other posts in the column, mine isn't the only opinion that Lone Oak giftwrapped this one. Give credit to Boyle, they didn't give up. Unfortunately, this LO season will not be remembered for their first 14 victories, but the last game which they let slip away.
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