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  1. This should be huge news, why is Espn and the local Lexington stations not covering this?hmmmm..
  2. Final This was a matchup of 2 Top 7 teams. Lincoln goes into Etown and hits eleven 3s to get the win!!!
  3. IMO, I would take Leach in Big Blue Nation !!!
  4. Amaretto with some sweet and sour
  5. Are there any left in Lexington ?
  6. Are there and black Nike UK2k shirts left in Lexington?
  7. IMO if Miller don't step it up Liggins will have his spot. Coach spoke highly of him after the game.
  8. Where can we get the black UK2K shirts?
  9. Welcome, I kept looking for one and waiting. I was like, am I missing something?
  10. The only score came on a INT return for a TD early in the game.
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