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  1. Last year Owensboro was beating Daviess Co 34-20 late in the 4th when Owensboro had just scored to make 34-20 and on the kickoff OHS's kicker was injured on the kickoff and the doctor was looking at him on the sideline and the very first play for DC was intercepted and returned for a TD not know his kicker was injured the team lined up for the PAT then had to call a timeout because the coach finally sees his kicker is laying on the ground with a trainer and doctor looking at him so after the timeout and not having a kicker they halfway go for 2 because of not having a kicker. DC's coach was livid they had a thread about it on that other site and after seeing the replay of the game on TV all worked out. I am saying this because sometimes during a game you do not know the situation that may totally be unintended by a coach or sometimes they do something because they have no choice at the time. Also Owensboro didn't even get the 2 points they just snapped it and ran a QB keeper straight up the middle.
  2. Hey PH you guys making the trip up to the border bowl? If not I guess I will just have to wait and see you at the Don in a few weeks for the rivalry renewal of regular season play between the Purples and the Devils. I won't give you too much insight but after seeing them the last 2 weeks I think this team is better than the ones that beat the Purples last year in he playoffs. I do not know what they did in the off season but they sure are fun to watch. On another note met a couple of the purples when my son and I went to WKU for their JR day very nice guys and they were very complimenting of my son and the other Devils that were with us. Total class just like you guys. You can tell Mr Wallace I said that too. I am also going to go out on a limb here and say the Purples will win in the border bowl by name the score 30 or 40. I am going on that Catholic played Mclean Co and had to come from behind to win 42-41 and Owensboro scrimmaged Mclean the week before and MC did not get a first down and Owensboro had 11 scores I think that is what coach said we left at the start of the 4th. So if BG is like they have been the last 4 years they will be too much for the Aces.
  3. After seeing Owensboro scrimmage with MC last week I thought OC would have no problem in this one. Boy was I wrong on that one.
  4. Now those that complained about Johnson Central not being ranked in front of BG or any other the other ahead of them after seeing the score of tonights game tells me they are probably where they should be. I thought Whitley Co was way to high which turns out to be true. I would have put BG Owensboro and Christian Co all tied for 2nd until they played each other because the team that wins those rightfully should be #2 until Highlands loses a game. BG Owensboro and Christian Co are the best in the west hands down this year. BG vs Christian Co tomorrow night and next Saturday Owensboro plays host to the 3A Indiana state runners up from a year ago and are the favorites to win this year in Evansville Memorial. After seeing the Anderson Co score they may be ranked a little higher next week and I would also have to add Hoptown into the top 10 somewhere. I like the preseason poles tells you where everyone thinks you are to start the season and we all know it never ends up this way for sure.
  5. Not that guy he always questions my thinking about Owensboro. I don't know if we get there this year but the stars may be aligned if we can win our district and host all the way in the playoffs.
  6. I would have to say yes! Owensboro is so fast this year. They may not be able to beat Highlands who knows until it happens but they are really good did not lose any off the line. They also play 3 of the teams listed including BG as well this season.
  7. No problem Guru for some reason I seem more busy this year as well. I posted these as well because most people are curious by now.
  8. When does the rankings usually come out for the pre-season or season since I think it starts this week for some. MaxPreps has Highlands #1 in state and 5A Highlands #1 overall Owensboro #7 Christian Co #10 Johnson Central #13 Dixie Heights #21 John Hardin #22 Whitley Co #28 Bowling Green #32 Ashland Blazer #36 Hopkinsville #41 This is the 5A top 10 based on Maxpreps the number out beside is the teams state rank.
  9. Well there are 3 teams in the west and they all play each other and I am going to say currently that they will all be toss up games. The 3rd team is Owensboro. I am going to say the Purples squeak out a win in this one due to playing in BG.
  10. NKY totally agree with that I was just giving you a little background on the kids as well. Saying they have been successful before so it won't be that they are nervous tonight because they have played on ESPN before. I would take any state title regardless! LOL Our football team this coming year will also have that tag since we are in 5A and well we would have to beat the mighty power Highlands. Things are changing in Owensboro. Sweet 16's every year in basketball, state finals in baseball a great football program that people will come to know a little better this year. State track stars. OHS is starting to look like the OHS fom the 80s again. It's just nice to see someone other than the usual suspects playing a role in state titles. I always have pulled for the underdog.
  11. Owensboro has a young team not a lot of seniors and for the most part if anyone remembers the Southern little league team that went to back to back little league world series. Well those boys are now juniors and sophmores and they are finally starting to perform. Of course those teams were split up between Apollo, Owensboro Catholic and OHS but there is some talent there. They have had 3 head coaches in the last 3 years and apparently they are starting to come around. The last time OHS won a baseball title was 1987 when they started the season in Florida and came back from there with 0-10 start but lost only one game in the state of KY that year to Apollo and went on to win it. Records aren't everthing when it comes to baseball and for those that do not know the story of these players almost every one of thm are multi sports guys and when it counts they perform always have. The record may say cinderella but mos of these boys have done more at a young age in baseball than most baseball players in the state can only dream of. Good Luck guys most everyone on here don't know but we do!
  12. Hooaah Owensboro has some pretty good talent that did not get on the field much last year except in blowouts because of Shemwell and Williams. OHS always has a good RB every year if you recall before Shemwell it was Nick Hall and Tyler Wimsatt. Shemwell was not even in the picture until they were gone and you see how good shemwell was. Owensboro also has a few players that did not play last year that will be there this year to fill some voids. I will be interested to see just how Madisonville does in our district since they played in 6A in a district where OHS played 3 of those teams last year and thumped them all including the district winner Daviess Co and Henderson Co along with Apollo. I do not think Madisonville will be in the league with OHS and CC yet or maybe not even Hoptown who all three would have probably won 6A dstrict 1 last year had they been in it. But this is just my opinion going on last years stats and you know how opinions are.
  13. Been around a while and yes I know what BG and CC return. Both should have nice teams but I would still lean toward the Devils. Since last year they beat BG and the sophmore laden team had a total collapse up 20+ against CC and lost that game in the 4th Quarter. One Maturity wwill not allow the lader to happen next time and word from a friend in BG is they will not be as good as last year but will be better with experience as OHS last year. Right now the west is.....OHS, BG, CC, JH then everyone else. I also don't know much about Madisonville but do know they scored a bunch of points from the kicking position last year and that scoring graduated so they will have to prove they can play with the other 4 before they can be put into the conversation. One last note the winner of District 1 host all playoffs games until the state finals if they keep winning in the playoffs. Which bolds well for OHS or CC. And based on the home crowds definately would benefit OHS at the dungeon and having a packed house every week.
  14. Blockbuster how many of those teams beat Owensboro last year? Christian Co. Where was that team when the season ended last year? State Runner-Ups How Many players do they return? Not Many Most of the teams mentioned lost significant graduates and OHS returns more starters than anybody mentioned so yes we and you will see.
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