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  1. Not that guy he always questions my thinking about Owensboro. I don't know if we get there this year but the stars may be aligned if we can win our district and host all the way in the playoffs.
  2. I would have to say yes! Owensboro is so fast this year. They may not be able to beat Highlands who knows until it happens but they are really good did not lose any off the line. They also play 3 of the teams listed including BG as well this season.
  3. NKY totally agree with that I was just giving you a little background on the kids as well. Saying they have been successful before so it won't be that they are nervous tonight because they have played on ESPN before. I would take any state title regardless! LOL Our football team this coming year will also have that tag since we are in 5A and well we would have to beat the mighty power Highlands. Things are changing in Owensboro. Sweet 16's every year in basketball, state finals in baseball a great football program that people will come to know a little better this year. State track stars. OHS is starting to look like the OHS fom the 80s again. It's just nice to see someone other than the usual suspects playing a role in state titles. I always have pulled for the underdog.
  4. Owensboro has a young team not a lot of seniors and for the most part if anyone remembers the Southern little league team that went to back to back little league world series. Well those boys are now juniors and sophmores and they are finally starting to perform. Of course those teams were split up between Apollo, Owensboro Catholic and OHS but there is some talent there. They have had 3 head coaches in the last 3 years and apparently they are starting to come around. The last time OHS won a baseball title was 1987 when they started the season in Florida and came back from there with 0-10 start but lost only one game in the state of KY that year to Apollo and went on to win it. Records aren't everthing when it comes to baseball and for those that do not know the story of these players almost every one of thm are multi sports guys and when it counts they perform always have. The record may say cinderella but mos of these boys have done more at a young age in baseball than most baseball players in the state can only dream of. Good Luck guys most everyone on here don't know but we do!
  5. I am going to say in the Western side of the state it will be the usual suspects Christian Co. lost everything I think even the waterboy graduated there so they will be down. Bowling Green had a big graduation this year as well but with the Anderson kid they will be pretty good. Owensboro has several returning from last year keyy loses Yorel Shemwell and Yante Williams and should be the team to come out of the west since they will have home field in the playoffs if they win their district. Hoptown I still haven't figured them out they may be good but I don't see it. JH lost several players this year and key players at that their district is the same as every year and they will have a nice record going into the playoffs. I am going to say that you have the usual team from the NKY in Highlands in the state finals again for the umteenth year in a row and they will probably play Owensboro but I could see BG or JH getting there as well. And being the state finals anything can happen. I think the best matchup would probably be Owensboro and Highlands for the finals with the Devils keeping it close until Collinsworth makes the Devils D pay the price. That is just how I see it! Good Luck with spring ball and hope the weather is nice for everyone.
  6. Owensboro Kicker Trey Cain is listed as the #2 kicker in FGs and #5 in kickoffs from oneononekicking.com kicking Expo in Orlando Florida. He was one of only 4 underclassmen at the Expo that was kicking off the ground. Word From Cain's family say that he will be attending the under armor kicking combine held by Kohl's kicking which selects the best kickers in the nation to play in the Under Armor All-star game televised on ESPN every year and also the kickers for the Army All-star game that Austin Collinsworth is hoping to play in this year. Cain will only be a Junior this year and the all-star games are for seniors but a great honor just to be invited for sure as a junior. Congratulations to Trey and good Luck at the Combines.
  7. Kal Prince duel threat QB from Owensboro, Zac Brown TE/OLB and Trey Cain Kicker for the Devils. Prince had a good sophmore year leading the Devils to an 11-2 record and should be better with the addition of a few players and a year of experience under his belt. Brown should be even better as well with a 6'3" frame and another year of conditioning and getting stronger he is going to be a beast on Defense. Cain should be considered probably the best kicker in the state this year as he has proved to be a deadly weapon inside of 50 yards for the Devils the last 2 seasons and his kickoffs last year were mostly touchbacks. Heard the kicker just got back from another combine in Orlando Florida and he is already kicking off the ground as he did last season which is a big plus for colleges to look at since he has already made the transition from the block that most players use all through high school. Owensboro also has a few other players that could emerge as top players as well but did not get much varsity time last year.
  8. One more thing that may happen is someone decides not to start home schooling a kid until he is like 10. So by the time he is a senior he will be 22 and still playing high school football! LOL Didn't something similar happen like this somewhere in the state? I mean in regards to age. Yes I know there are state guidelines that say how old you can be and still play sports in high school.
  9. Minnow that is great! Computers! :notworthy: In my opinion I think that my son should be allowed to play football and basketball for Owensboro because they are the best in town then play baseball for Owensboro Catholic or Apollo because that is their strengths and then I want him to be enrolled at Daviess County because they give all the students laptops for the year and then I want him to be able to come home at noon so I can cook lunch for him and watch some football film and then if there is time we will send him to practice after school but if for some reason we decide not to practice we still want him to play as much as everyone else!:D:D
  10. Owensboro returns 15 starter from this year I think may be 14 but for the most part a lot of experience. Replacing Yorel Shemwell will be the key for the Devils he was a special player. I see the usual suspects in Region 1 of 5A again next year OHS, BG, Christian Co., Hoptown to start and we will see from there. The JH faithful say they are going to be loaded again for the 3rd year in a row. So we will wait and see who comes out of the west to play Highlands again next year.
  11. People Bowling Green will be fine well at least for me no need for a hotel Owensboro is 70 miles away. But I have seen all the improvements made to the stadium there and it is top of the line. You will not be disappointed. For those of you that stay and go on Saturday Nashville is like 56 miles south of BG. Maybe the Titans will be playing at home that weekend next year and you can just make a full weekend of it. Never being at papa john's for a high school game I really have no biased toward one or the other I have been to the pizza box to see the Cards play and yes loved it! It would not matter if the state finals were played in corn field in the middle of nowhere it would still be the state finals and what the boys are playing for is the most important. Congrats to all the repeat winners this year and also all the runners up when you make it that far really there are no losers all 12 teams had a successful season.
  12. I know the KHSAA has live scoring updates on their site but other than that I do not know. I want the west to at least represent so all these bluebird fans can give a little respect for what goes on in this side of the state. I pick Highlands 35 CC 14 CC gives up the big play too often so it might get worse. If they can control that this game might be a little closer but I still say Highlands Catholic wins! Just kidding about the HC comment!
  13. Westsider with some interest in OHS I called CC way back in May as the favorite and I also said that OHS would not be as bad as people thought they would be. I pretty much called Region 1 with the exception of OHS knocking off BG. So can I have a pat on the back as well?:thumb: I hate to do this to the Colonels but I do not see them beating a very good Highlands team. I think they may be able to keep it close for a while but I look for Highlands to pull this off by a couple of TDs. But I would not be surprised if CC pulled off a shocker they do have some pretty good talent and a lot of heart and it is 1 game not a series so anything can happen.
  14. Congrats CC at least I was right about one thing and that was that the state finalist this year was coming out of district 1 I was just wrong on the team. Good Luck next week and bring one home for the WKY. I am going to go out on a limb here and say the state finalist next year will also come out of district 1!!!!
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