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  1. The BG Chiefs 18U completed an undefeated sweep of it's 5 games, posting a 5-0 record over the weekend in winning a co-championship in the Pastime Tournament at West Chester and the University of Cincinnati. The Chiefs outscored their 5 opponents at total of 39 to 7 in gaining the wins. Victories were notched against the Cincinnati Bulldogs, Columbus Sharks, Advantage Sports Aces, Team Hamilton, and Cincinnati Mavericks. It was a great weekend with solid play from the entire squad contributing to the wins. The Chiefs are at Dixie Heights for a 6:30 PM start on Tuesday. Check the bluegrassbaseball.com web page for our complete schedule. Come out and catch a ball game.
  2. The 2010 edition of the Bluegrass Chiefs 18U select team has just completed another successful summer campaign. The Chiefs closed the season by winning 18 of their last 22 to finish the summer with a record of 28 wins and 21 losses. Tryouts for next summer's Chiefs will be on Saturday, August 14, 2010, at Dixie Heights HS, from 9 AM until 12:30 AM. Registration begins at 8:30 AM. No player can have turned 19 before May 1, 2011, to be eligible.
  3. Is the 9th Region Tourney slated to return to Freedom Field, or are the district winners hosting 1st round games? And, if that be the case, where is the Final 4 and Finals to be held? Is there a host school? I know the schools have not been happy with the financial arrangements the Freedom demanded, but there has not been a better day in NKY HS baseball the last few years than when all the games, and especially the first 4, were all held back to back on Memorial Day.
  4. He is greatly missed by his summer teammates and the coaches on the Bluegrass Chiefs. What a summer he had on the field. All-star from the first day. The ball hit his mouth on a foul tip on a bunt attempt unselfeshly trying to move 2 runners to 2nd and 3rd. We are here in Pittsburgh at the Freeport International Tournament and wish he was here with us. All the coaches and players are wearing his "1" on their caps and/or helmets to honor the player and tremendous young man he is. Get well quick.
  5. Number 18 is sophomore, Josh Bertke, and he ended up on the all-tournament team, deservedly. Pitched, played 2nd, and 3rd, in the tournament.
  6. The Boone schedule link posted above was for the 2008 season.
  7. Trevor Dunaway's 2 RBI single to center keyed Boone's 5 run 6th. Tyler Deno got the win with 2 innings in relief of starter Logan Faehr, who pitched 5 shutout innings for the Rebs. Faehr pitched out of a bases loaded no out jam in the 5th allowing no runners to score. Boone effectively played small ball to force the action in the 6th inning rally.
  8. I knew bulldog would chime in on this one. If you can play you do not have to be a mutant in height or weight to excel at this great game. There are spots to be had at the college level for a lot of kids if they stay with it through HS and the select seasons. I see it every year.
  9. TOG, did you quit going to the games this summer, or just stopped reporting all the details when the results were not favorable. The paper in the article about the 16U team being added said the Colonels went 30-20 this summer. Reliable sources have reported to me and others that the record was actually 20-30. Can you put us straight? The scores being reported on their web page stopped within the first couple of weeks of the summer. What gives? Just looking for the facts.
  10. Im not disagreeing baseball is life....but I did see Houlehan the other day and he told me that he received the pitcher of the year award...Maybe it was by a different organization...like the district or something. But I can confirm from Nick himself that he did win some kind of pitcher of the year award.
  11. Apollo PRP Greenup County Harrison County PRP Greenup County PRP 8 runs
  12. Played against Tewayne in college. The kid can fly and is a good player. Congrats to him!
  13. Apollo CAL Christian County PRP Lawrence County Greenup County Lex Cath Harrison County Most Runs:PRP Least runs: Bell County
  14. It is Maronde's little brother (class of 2010) as I understand, not the draft pick. By the way, IMO there is nothing wrong, or to be considered strange or criticized, about bunting, moving runners, and playing to win, even is summer ball. Go to a college game or two and you will understand the value college coaches place on such skills as the sacrifice bunt, hitting behind runners, and generally playing the game the right way. As is often said by players and coaches at the next level, "do your job."
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