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Scott County vs. Great Crossing Predictions/Updates

Warhawks vs. Cardinals  

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Stalwart Cardinals look to fend off upstart Warhawks again

Records: Scott County (5-5), Great Crossing (8-2)

BGP Ranking: Scott County (#10 in 5A), Great Crossing (unranked in 5A)

Series History: Scott County leads 3-0 all-time

Table Setter: You could hear the sound of Great Crossing knocking at the door prior to their October 1st meeting with the Cardinals. The Warhawks were unbeaten, while big brother was below .500 for the first time in over ten years. Scott County shut the door in their face that night, staving off what some might have perceived as a changing of the guard. But it didn't come without a fight. The Cardinals needed a first down to run out the clock and preserve a 14-6 win, a far cry from the 48 point average margin of the first two meetings.

Great Crossing has the talent, headed up by defensive playmakers Kalib Perry and Oryend Fisher. They'll be looking for a greater contribution from the offense this time around, but they'll have to find it against a far more battle hardened Cardinals squad that knows how to win in November. Studying the Scott County/Lexington Catholic game film would be a good place to start.

The Warhawks are pounding on the door now. Can they force their way in this time, or will the Cardinals deny them again?

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2 hours ago, theguru said:


My only logic here is that cold weather, playoff football favors Jim McKee and the wing-t. I think they beat back the Warhawks one more time.

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4 hours ago, Spartandad said:

I think we might see an upset here. I'm not sure that Scott County is as good as advertised. Great Crossing definitely has a chance to pull this one off.

Just curious, what you have seen from GC that is super impressive this year?

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36 minutes ago, Redheat said:

Just curious, what you have seen from GC that is super impressive this year?

I haven't necessarily seen that much from GC to impress me. I would say that SC hasn't done much this year either. I just don't think there's much difference between the teams.

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