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Austin Oppel (RB) Meade County


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Since NO ONE is talking about this kid (except me) I just wanted to start a thread in his honor before the game tonight.


Prediction: Oppel 200 yds rushing and 3 Td's vs Franklin Simpson


I posted some video from hudl of him in the game thread. He’s for sure a good RB.

Austin Oppel | Meade County HS, Brandenburg, KY | MaxPreps


Since 94 did a great job placing the highlights in the other thread, I took time this time to actually watch them, add them here and have the following report:


Positives: I found the young man with good speed, VERY elusive, good instincts, follows blocks well and has more power than his size might appear. And that punt return on the second clip was a special effort.

Negatives: The defenses on these clips do not have the same speed you will see tonight.


I'm not taking anything away from him and not suggesting you can't or won't win tonight. Moreso, this will be a challenge for him to break free on occasion as the Franklin defense, although exposed last week, is historically very solid. Solid to the point of holding championship offenses in check.


Good luck Lloyd!

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Thanks for taking the time to watch the video Purple88. I can't wait for the game tonight.


I hear you Lloyd! Sweatshirt and shorts are my all-time favorite time of year.


Although we aren't there quite yet. High school football for me is hard to beat!

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Good lookin' back.


Really good change of direction, sees the hole very well and has a really sharp jump cut to bounce it, good explosion once he turns it up field, really good hands in the passing game.


My constructive criticism:

- Obviously his size is going to keep college recruits at bay a little... I always hate this, personally I feel if you are 5'6 or 6'6, if you can dominate you can be good in college as well.

- His top end speed seems to plateau off

- His highlights are impressive, but looking at his stat line the 7 or 8 carries on the highlight video accounted for almost all his yardage. What about the other 10 carries? When he gets hit at the Line is he still falling forward for 2-3 yards? If he taking a negative play and turning it into a no gain by making the first man miss?

- On that same note, I also would like to see what he does in pass protection. Is he getting his block and giving the QB an extra second to avoid the sack or hit his man?


From what I see Meade County has themselves a solid Junior RB though. To be able to jump cut and read the hole in High School is a very rare thing and something very difficult to gameplan for.

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