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Corbin Rallying behind Recovering teammate Caleb Mitchell


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From deadly diagnosis to sideline at state title game


Corbin has had a dream season finally making it to the state finals. But they’ve did it without Starting Wideout and Safety Caleb Mitchell.


Hopefully the young man can play but it doesn’t look like it but what a great young man who is and will be satisfied with just being there with his team.


It sucks for a senior to have his career end this way but a kid to be diagnosed with the flu then it turn out to be a potentially deadly infection it’s just plain scary. I know one thing from just reading and watching this story, and that Caleb Mitchell is a fighter and whether he is on the field or not he is a leader and he is going to have a bright future....

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Other kids have stepped up to fill all the roles that Caleb played, as starting safety, punter, punt returner and also spot duty as a receiver, although he has still been sorely missed. I'm just glad that he is on the road to recovery and still may get to play again, if not in the finals, then possibly in the All-Star game that he was picked to play in.

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