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  1. Christian Howe is a 2021 graduate and is a 6’4” 185 pound RHP from Danville High School. He has committed to play his college baseball at the University of Kentucky.
  2. Danville will need to get the 6’7” Wood kid back out and that will give them the size they need inside.
  3. This is what Florida high school association release today. Would be nice if khsaa would look at this options for Kentucky.
  4. Tough schedule. Team should be improved but that schedule could produce another sub .500 record. If that happens I’m pretty sure 3 losing seasons in a row has never happened at Danville before.
  5. I think Danville has won like 9 in a row now. Big turnaround after 1-3 start.
  6. Don’t think QB play was an issue last night. According to Danvilles radio guy The starter was 10-15 for 81 yards 1 TD and 1 Int. Last week he was 10-12 for 96 yards and one TD. That makes 20-27 for 177 yards and 2 TDs with one int. That’s not to bad for first two starts of career for the sophomore.
  7. Should be a very good game. Danville is very young and this will be their first road game of the year. It will be interesting to see how they respond. Doesn’t Bardstown have like 20 seniors this year?
  8. Nice win for the ADS! Caleb Burns was impressive. Looks like a very young team that is hungry to prove themselves.
  9. Danville improves to 16-1 and 2-0 in the district. Good start to the season.
  10. There was no overtime in this game but a lot of foul shots. I think Casey was 35 of 38 from the line. Crazy game! Casey is playing really good right now.
  11. Looks like another good schedule for the admirals. So I am assuming their off week is 11/1?
  12. I was on two football state championship teams that won in that stadium. Also played against UL a couple times in baseball there. Said to see it is going to be gone.
  13. Great win for the Ads! Hopefully they will keep taking them one game at a time. If not tomorrow night will be a tough game with Shelby Valley (19-3).
  14. Mid-America Prospects, Inc. “All-Freshman Team” East: Gunner Collins - Ashland P. Blazer Baron Ratliff - Ashland P. Blazer Ethan Fain - Rockcastle County HS Noah Fain - Rockcastle County HS Silas Shaffer - Rockcastle County HS Dylan Hatfield - Madison Central HS Matt(Bulldog)Bryan - Madison Central HS Parker Eden - Madison Central HS Brady Morse - Danville HS Brady Baxter - Danville HS Logan Smothers - Danville HS Trevor Schultz - Madison Central HS Hayden Dunham - Tates Creek HS David Castleberry - Tates Creek HS Owen Manly - Tates Creek HS Jackson Hurley - Tates Creek HS Jacob McDonald - Tates Creek HS Luke Gaffney - Boyle County HS Nicholas Huff - Montgomery County HS Corbin Thacker - Montgomery County HS Cameron Dunn - Frederick Douglass HS Davis Johnson - Montgomery County HS Bennett Myer - Franklin County HS Chase Alderman - Rowan County HS Bryce Blevins - Lawrence County HS Tait Lakin - Pikeville Independent HS Tate Walters - Pikeville Independent HS Carter Reed - P.L. Dunbar HS Michael Nicoulin - P.L. Dunbar HS Benjamin Rank - Bluegrass United Hayden Robbins - Madison Central HS Conner Ramsey - Scott County HS Jake Nash - Lexington Catholic HS Jacob Hayes - Lexington Catholic HS Jackson Torbey - Lexington Catholic HS Brady Blair - Lexington Catholic HS Clayton Ryan - Lexington Catholic HS Grayson Gough - GRC Greg Vineyard - Campbell County HS Thomas Jackson - Clay County HS Brady Blair - West Jessamine HS Riley Uhls - Veritas Catholic Jake Biggs - Boyd County HS Austin Smith - Clay County HS Mason Pittman - Lafayette HS Carter Owens - Lafayette HS Ty Reeves - Lafayette HS Sam Lewis - Lafayette HS Andrew Fultz - Lafayette HS Syd Bowen - Williamsburg HS Colton Oepping - Henry Clay HS Ben Taylor - Henry Clay HS Damin Green(2023) - Winburn MS Will Lafferty(2023) - Sheldon Clark HS Zach Taylor - Paintsville HS Hayden Collins - LCA HS Cole Ginter - LCA HS Matthew Maggard - LCA HS Ty Bryant - Frederick Douglas HS Dane Key - Frederick Douglass HS Cameron Dunn - Frederick Douglass HS Will Bucher - Highlands HS Austin Eads - Highlands HS Camden-McAtee - Highlands HS Cayden Devine - Mercer County HS Jae Flynn - Dixie Heights HS Josh Furtado - Ryle HS Brayden Stewart - Ryle HS Eli Sizemore - North Laurel HS David Elkins - Perry Central HS Wyatt Guilliams - LCA HS Justin Huff - Boone County HS Tanner Jackson - Ryle HS Conner Schwalbach - Highlands HS Luke Patton - Boyd County HS Gage Testerman - Conner HS West: Luca Sandrella - Marucci Sun Devils Elijah Underhill - Christian County HS Houston George - Christian County HS Gunnar Bingham - Lyon County HS Brody Williams - Lyon County HS Justin West - Paducah Tilghman HS Nicholas Wiley - East Oldham Paul Osting - Trinity HS Aiden Ecken - Trinity HS Logan Thompson - Central Hardin HS Ryan Bibb - Central Hardin HS Turner Nottmeier - Bowling Green HS Aiden Brown - Trinity HS Tyler Jones - Barren County HS Cody Moore - Barren County HS Taye Poynter - Barren County HS Jared Harned - Breckinridge County HS Bryson Brockman - Greenwood HS Rhett Dysholm - Greenwood HS Ethan Williams - Louisville Male HS Bryce Felker- Louisville Male HS Carsyn Sheller - Oldham County HS Korbyn Dickerson - Trinity HS Carter Zutterman - Bethlehem HS Bradley Jones - Fern Creek HS Quinten Shewmaker - Saint Xavier HS Carter Zutterman - Bethlehem HS Alex Bridgewater - Etown HS Bryson Brockman - Greenwood HS Christian Bryant - Trinity HS Korbyn Dickinson - Trinity HS Luke Evans - Owensboro Catholic HS Brayden Mundy - Owensboro Catholic HS Kamren Clark - Ballard HS Andrew Daniel - Louisville Male HS Jordan Glasscock - Louisville Male HS Jackson Vize - Louisville Male Preston Chaudoin - Hopkinsville HS Tim Cansler - Hopkinsville HS Jayden Gadjik - Bullitt East HS Cory Gibson - Ironmen Gage Griggs - Marshall County HS Jared Harned - Breckinridge County HS Brennan Hicks - Barren County HS Landon Huff - Trinity HS Nick Judd - Apollo HS Dale Kirk - Shelby County HS Luke Lantz - Saint Xavier HS Sam Mcfarland - Owensboro Catholic HS Luke Scales - Owensboro Catholic HS Logan McNair - CAL HS Spencer Newman - Bowling Green HS Conner Pike - St. Xavier HS Franklin Price - South Oldham HS Robbie Reed - Trinity HS Isaac Seeger - Breckinridge County HS Josh Simpson - Nelson County HS Logan Smiley - Caldwell County HS Joshua Traux - Spencer County HS Ryan Welch - Eastern HS - [ ]
  15. I didn’t see anyone tonight having to stand because there wasn’t a place to sit. Actually heard several people say they where surprised garrard didn’t bring more fans. That side of gym definitely had plenty of room to sit.
  16. They will be young next year. It will be interesting to see how those young guys do with a chance to play. Hopefully they can gain a lot of experience and be ready to go by playoff time.
  17. Good win for the ADS. They didn’t play as good as they have been, mainly on the defensive end but still got the win.
  18. The big thing with Danville this year is they play such good defense. They may not score a bunch every night but they do play defense every night. I think hat will be a huge benefit to them come tournament time. They still give them selves a good chance to win even when they have a bad night offensively. I like them in he 12th.
  19. Did the starting point guard tear his ACL? I know he hasn’t played the last two games and only played part of game at Lincoln. I was told at he Boyle game that it was a possible tear.
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