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  1. Ah I understand. Thanks for the clarification. There seems like there have been more coaching changes this year than in a while.
  2. So I suppose you would suggest this is an inside hire?
  3. I don't know them... but sounds like those names might be parents?
  4. Interesting. They probably got the guy they wanted. But that timing is interesting.
  5. I haven't heard it officially announced, but I've thought he would be a good fit in Taylor Mill. With this job becoming open the same day as an expected announcement at Scott... I could be wrong... I'm just putting two and two together.
  6. Whats the outlook for St Henry moving forward? With the exception of Dixie at the top, it seems like this District will be wide open for quite a while. Thoughts?
  7. I don't have specific info, but between Connor & Scott, I would think that announcements would have to be coming soon. Summer camps are just a couple weeks away.
  8. Wow. Heck of a job he did with the Lady Cougars. I've heard nothing but great things about him as a guy and as a coach.
  9. Ah that's makes sense. Thanks for the info. Have they begun interviews?
  10. Haha! I guess we'll see. Summer balls gonna be kicking off before long here.
  11. What would the reasoning be for it needing to be Ludlow person?
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