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Army vs. Navy


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You better believe that no one will be taking a knee..........




This is my favorite game of the year on any level because the triple option is the best form of football to watch or play.


I could only ever find one coach growing up that would let me run it.


Actually, my freshman year of high school, the team we were scrimmaging ran the triple option, so I was running it on the scout team all week and, with a bunch of scrubs (all the good juniors and sophomores were playing varsity and there was a HUGE drop-off in talent) I scored 4 or 5 times running it because I would read the end perfectly and then they'd always bite on my fake pitches and then I'd just cut it under them or run around them. Once I was in the open field, no one was tackling me!


On the 6th (or so) time I scored, I high stepped once I was past everyone, which was a bad move because the upperclassmen got so POed that every play after that was "forget your job and forget going after the ball..... just hit Fritz."




Oh well!

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