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  1. Testing them to see if they have antibodies before they expose them to the virus should make them pretty confident that they'll be ok (if I'm even understanding vaccines correctly).
  2. Before I hit a tree, I was all about brown cinnamon (and I used to like them better when I didn't heat them up), but now I'm a toasted strawberry guy!
  3. I'm sure it's even weirder than I think because, for the most part, I feel like I look like a normal person, but then I'll see pictures of me and I'll be like "when did Quasimodo come to town?!" :lol2::lol2::lol2::lol2::lol2::lol2::lol2: A lot of people stop to check on me to make sure that I'm not dying or anything, and I type out "I'm fine..... just being weird and awkward!" Here's some pictures from Tuesday! (I look pretty normal in selfies because you can't see my body or the wheelchair!)
  4. I saw that but that was the only one I saw.
  5. Explain how I'm out of touch and how what I asked is incorrect. How does looting a store or anything like that stand up against police brutality?
  6. If the riots are about police brutality and the police killing George Floyd, then why aren't the protesters looting and destroying police stations? If that's who they're mad at and what they're trying to bring awareness to, why don't they confront them directly? What sense does it make to destroy and steal the property of people who had nothing to do with it?
  7. I've seen about the antibody treatments from recovered patients being used to treat it and cuts the recovery time in half, but everything I've seen says that a vaccine won't be available until at least December, if ever. One positive thing is that sunlight seems to kill the virus, so it might not be able to survive practices in the summer, which would prevent the spread.
  8. Can anybody design a picture of a tree with an x through it like the one I attached so I can submit it to have a custom mask made?! It can't be off the internet or else I'd just submit the one I attached but I guess they image searched it online because they said they can't make it because it's subject to copyright. THANKS!
  9. Maybe China knows they have to get back in good graces with the rest of the world? Another possibility that I thought of is, let's assume that the government did create the virus as a biological weapon, would it be possible that they already had the vaccine but were just waiting to tell the rest of the world so it wouldn't be so obvious that it they created it and knew how to beat it?
  10. China has some promising results for early coronavirus vaccines and, if they come up with one before us, will they share it with us? If they do, will they make us pay for it? Will we trust it without all the stages of trials that we make vaccines go through here? If we can't get through all of the trials here until December at the earliest (if we ever get a vaccine), would we decide that the risk is worth it to save lives? Is there a risk? Do they test vaccines for safety and efficiency as much as we do? I've seen news where vaccines here have shown promising results in early stages but, like I said, one wouldn't be available until December at the earliest, so is it worth waiting and potentially losing more lives? Anybody have any idea?
  11. It's very much appreciated! :lol2: I try to go out during lunch or or when people are getting off work so it's more busy. Take a picture if you can because I'd LOVE to see how weird I look! :lol2:
  12. I actually live on the corner of Turkeyfoot and College Park (right behind where that Subway used to be right across from Thomas More), so I'm technically on College Park right by Thomas More but on the other side of Turkeyfoot.
  13. Before the wreck, I talked to a lot of people. Since the wreck, I "talk" to everyone, so being on lockdown is killing me. People message me on Facebook, send me Snapchats, I win money playing poker on my phone (Facebook group), and I'm in a group chat in an app with all my good CovCath friends and a few other people, so it's not that bad. Sometimes, though, I just need to see people, so, lot of days, during rush hour, I'll roll out on Turkeyfoot, park, smile, and just wave at random cars :wave: :lol: I know a lot people in the area (and I think a lot more people at least know who I am), and a lot of people wave back, honk, whatever, so it might not look that weird, but I wonder if some kids ask their parents what I'm doing and they're just like "oh, honey, don't look, he's special!" :lol: A lot of kids wave back and everything, so I guess it's not THAT weird. Anybody see me out there? What do you tell your kids if they ask? What do you do during quarantine to cure boredom?
  14. If a vaccine is developed in the next year to year-and-a-half, then this answer obviously changes a lot, but I think they're done for the time being. A possibility, though, is to have a microwave at the buffet station so people could microwave the food for 15 seconds and kill any of the virus that might be on it (that's what we've been doing with all of our food that we've had delivered). Another possibility is to give every person something that they could stab the food with (like a big fork) or something like a pizza slicer so they don't have to touch any of the food when they're getting it from the buffet, thus limiting possible spread of the virus. I think the only issue would be getting it on your hands when you get the food, not when you eat it since all the acid in your stomach kills the virus once you swallow it (or that's at least what my sister told me, but she could be trying to infect me and do the job that the tree couldn't finish :lol2:).
  15. And a great friend! Can't wait to hang out with him again once everything calms down!
  16. Thanks! Woke up to a text from Tony! :lol2: (I had woken up, answered messages on Facebook and my phone and went back to bed, so I "woke up" to a text from him at 11:30 :lol2:)
  17. It's just the way I've always been- thankful to be alive and thankful for the love that people show to me! Thanks for the Happy Birthday! Thank you! Thank you! It was a very happy birthday! No cake in quarantine, but definitely had some quarantinis! :lol2: Thank you! Much love! Thanks! It definitely was! Zoom part(ies) :lol2: Was just some good friends (the Hiltz boys for people from Ft Mitchell), Marc Bain, and a few other friends. We just had a few drinks and sat around joking and laughing like there was nothing wrong in the world. Few stories were told from memories and we were all just enjoying being in the moment. Then, I had a few female friends call me on Zoom or FaceTime (or Snapchats) at different times :lol2:
  18. Had Noce's on Barnwood behind my place last night and their food is always great!
  19. I'm stuck in quarantine for my birthday, but people are showing lots of love on Facebook and my good friends (that I've been friends with most of my life and were in my grade at CCH or a few above) are going to have a party on Zoom. It's good to be alive, even in quarantine!
  20. Behle Street by Sheli in Fort Mitchell is always a favorite and then China Star right behind my place.
  21. Not too sure. His Facebook post said he's waiting on the test results to see if it's Coronavirus or not and he said it takes 48 hours, which should be tomorrow morning. He's in his early 40s, so a lot older than me, but not that old. I replied to his status that I mentioned and he replied that, other than his legs hurting and spitting out parts of his lung, he feels decent.
  22. I'm trying to stay calm but I have allergies and a history of pneumonia, all of which is creeping up right now at the wrong time, so it's freaking me out.
  23. I have a friend in the ER now. Northern Kentucky had been pretty free from the Coronavirus but the hospital he's at is less than a mile from my place. His Facebook post says "Welp 101.7 temp, fluid in my lungs, legs feel like they are falling off and blurred vision. I could use a few prayers." Hoping he's ok. This whole thing has been freaking me out because I have basically no immune system, my lungs were destroyed in the wreck, and I have respiratory problems. I haven't left my place (I don't think) since March 8th, and no one around here had it, so hopefully I can stay free from it.
  24. Thanks to this virus, we're heading into a recession and maybe even a depression, so, my question is, how long will it last? How long will it take to rebound? I've seen estimates that say the curve could flatten by May, but likely July or August. Will things start to get better in the economy? How long will it take to rebound? Will it last until a vaccine or cure is developed? I've seen estimates for a vaccine put at least a year. Just trying to get some clarification about how screwed we are.
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