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Raceland @ Portsmouth West, OH. ..(9/23), Thoughts, Prediction ?


Who wins this cross state matchup ?  

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  1. 1. Who wins this cross state matchup ?

    • Raceland
    • Portsmouth West, OH.

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Whenever a KY. team crosses the Ohio River to play an OH. team it's tough, just say'n. I think that Raceland should win but once crossing the big pond things could get crazy. At any rate, I don't look for the big blowout that some are but I do believe that the Rams get the win ........providing that they keep focused, cut the mental mistakes.

Raceland by 12.

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West looks to be pretty quick upfront, not huge, but solid size. Pretty straight foward, line up and run right at you and try to pop the occassional go route and if you're not on your toes, you will indeed get burnt. They remind me a little bit of West Carter. With that said, you better be 21 points better than any team you play from across the pond when your playing at their place bc, you're a 2 TD underdog going in. All things considered, this is one of those "uh-oh" games for me all year. We made it through the first two (Ashland and Greenup) and have come a long way since then. Each and every week, the team we have played exposed a weakness, the following week, that weakness was ratified. SPECIAL TEAMS is next on the table to be cleaned up. I feel like Raceland comes out and makes a statement this week. May start slow, but numbers will take over around mid 3rd quarter.


Raceland 38

Port West 14

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So far this season, it's paying off for the Rams to cut down the "pie hole promises" / boasting and letting the play do the talking.

Ram players , Work hard, focus in practice bc that's where games are lost (slacking off, not taking it seriously, etc.). An old saying is so true ..... you will play like you practice.

As for the letting your play do the talking, I'll leave you guys with this quote ......."Never promise more than you will deliver, but Always deliver more than you promise" .... Lou Holtz


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