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Taking Coach Siple's plan to the kids. Win-Win


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The children participating in Red Devils organization are taught to play as a team. We want to emphasize the importance of winning on and off the field. Each player contributes to the success of the team and the athlete should recognize that his or her effort put forth makes a difference in their lives and possibly someone else’s life. We look at the whole child and work to improve all aspects of their lives and teach core values of honor, character, integrity, respect and instill a sense of responsibility and positive relationships with their fellow teammates, schoolmates, friends and family. Red Devils does not want the concept of winning to stop when the kids walk off the field but continue the cycle of winning off the field. An enhanced sense of community will translate into respect and success off the field and in their future lives.

The goal of the Red Devils is to have this concept of ‘winning’ focus not just on the field but off the field as well. The athletes will improve their character through their participation in the sport and the building of their character will then benefit them off the field, in the classroom and social settings. The athletes should strive to attain a goal and reach that goal within the boundaries of the game. If their efforts were successful, their achievements should be recognized.

We have initiated a program that will honor the kids’ successes or achievements off the field. We have emphasized that all its teams teach the kids that they have a responsibility off the field to respect each and every teammate, schoolmate, sibling, friend and other family members. The kids should be expected to rise to the level or goal set forth for them.

• Did you make a positive difference for someone today? • Did you give your best effort in school today? • Did you do something better today than you previously did? • Did you help someone or assist someone today? • Did you help a friend today? • Did someone thank you for something that you did?

If the kids can answer “yes” to these questions, then their performance ‘off the field’ was a success. Such achievements should be recognized and honored and will further motivate the child. This emphasizes the importance of meeting the goals and is recognized as winning which can then be applied to any and all situations. There is value in setting goals for kids and weighing their performance in terms of effort towards reaching those goals.

We ask for the assistance of the parents and teachers/school administrators to recognize the efforts of the kids. We request that teachers notify parents if the child’s behavior or an accomplishment is exceptional and it will be recognized by the football organization and the coaches. The child will receive a small helmet sticker “W2” meaning “Win Squared” (winning on and off the field) for a football player or a shoestring tab with ‘W2” for the cheerleader to honor their efforts.

Striving to win and give one’s best effort are objectives that every coach, player, parent or adult can and should support. Even for the most athletic person, their athletic skills will diminish one day in the future but their character is something that goes with them for life.

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