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Boone County 3 Simon Kenton 1


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This match started out looking like SK was the better team. Boone did not look sharp at all. They were not passing the ball well and the defense looked like it was about to give up a one-on-one at any time. SK came out pressing the action and did so the entire first half.


SK scored first off a PK. SK forward was advancing on Boone's goal and 2 Boone players sandwiched him between them. One from behind was called for the penalty. SK player drove it home.


Boone didn't seem to be able to amount a sustained attack in the first half. The half closed with SK up 1-0.


The second half opened up a little differently. Boone started to play better together and passing with more accuracy. They got a corner kick that was knocked out from in front of the goal. It bounced towards a Boone defender who moved towards the ball and headed it into the net. The Boone crowd let out a cheer as the 1 goal deficit was making them nervous. The kid who scored was a bit excessive in his celebration but the CR let it go. Score was tied early in the second half.


Boone scored again some time later. A Boone defender passed a through ball that slightly deflected off an SK player but it continued pretty much on the same course and Nate Rice placed the ball in the back of the net. Boone 2-1.


Boone's last score came late in the game as Uli Martinez slammed a 30 yard kick that glanced off the bottom of the cross bar, broke the plane of the goal and then bounced out. A second Boone player's momentum carried him into the goal and he slapped the ball making it go back in the net. The SK faithful were hoping that the CR would call hand ball but he ruled that the goal had already been scored off the bottom of the cross bar and bounced in before the second player touched the ball. That concluded the scoring for the night.


Simon Kenton played a very good match and could easily have scored a couple more goals. They had one shot bounce off the cross bar and they had another chance on a free kick just outside the box but they couldn't translate that into a goal. They had some fine players and definitely are to be congratulated for their hard work and hustle.


Good luck to SK going forward.


Boone plays at Bishop Brossart on Thursday and at Model on Saturday.

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