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Boyle County Middle School 50 Anderson County 8


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Anyone have any stats for this one? Reese Smith is going to be a special special player for Chuck Smith. He looked real good out there. I was impressed with Reed Lanter as well. He had a very nice pass to I think Cameron Yates for a TD that was real nice.


I doubt anybody keeps stats for the middle school, if so i have never seen any in the past.

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Smith scored 4 TDs vs Anderson. But no stats are kept. They can basically score anytime they want with the pass or run. There are weapons all over the field.


And let's be real...the first team defense has yet to give up a first down in the first half.


The total score so far vs LCA, North Hardin and Anderson is 140-30 and could have been FAR WORSE if they wanted.


They are superbly coached, they work hard and they are damn talented.

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Two starting lineman out with injuries really took a toll on Anderson. Would have made a difference...not sure they would have made enough of a difference though.


One of them should be back this week. Other may be a couple of weeks.


If there is a rematch in the conference title game it'll be on the BCHS turf and that is a huge advantage for our speed.


Hope your lineman get healthy soon.

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