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  1. Here is another take on the length of time the positions have to be posted when it was discussed earlier.
  2. Pretty sure He broke his hand in the first 5 minutes of the first quarter and played the rest of the game with it taped then played against Corbin then had surgery to repair.
  3. The statistic that stands out to me is Chuck Smiths record in state championships(7-1).
  4. Tim is his dad and of course that makes Joe his grandfather! Good bloodlines right there.
  5. This could get debated at a later date when McCracken gets beat out of the playoffs and Boyle keeps winning and Reese receptions total Hayes then compare stats? Just a thought. Boyle doesn’t have but one kid leading anything in the state and that is kicking. They are a team not a one man show but they have ALOT of great players that are going to college to play so one guy doesn’t have to be a STAT leader.
  6. Give Reese Smith and Cummings 10 touches a game and they would be on a different level from everybody else. They both play on teams that don’t need them to be the only star.
  7. What is everybody's input on this award on whether it is a career or single season award? I have no idea. Can you tell us a little more about their past accomlishments? Everybody that keeps up with KY Football knows who they are they have made a statement especially Hightower.
  8. I am excited to see how he does against Boyle. If he shreds their defense just go ahead and hand him the award. If not I think all the two way guys should have a shot but they probably don’t with him being from Lex and being a UK kid.
  9. One of them played, number 33 the running back/linebacker. 45 did not play.
  10. Will this game be broadcast online by chance? I know Boyle is starting to do the home games just didn't know if Mercer does the same.
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