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2012-2013 All 8th Region Team

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Dwayne Dez Marshall, Martha Layne Collins (Player of the Year)

David Levitch, North Oldham

Kristian Morgan, Gallatin County

Andrew Sampson, Simon Kenton

Shae Goodlett, South Oldham

Tyler Carr, Grant County

Jay Smith, Anderson County

Carson Williams, Owen County

Sam Gruber, Oldham County

Michael Haysley, South Oldham

Deshaun Buddy Johnson, Martha Layne Collins

Ralphael Stone, Martha Layne Collins

Jacob Kopp, Oldham County

Jalen Dixie, Eminence

Tanner Moeves, Walton-Verona


Coach of the Year

Glen Drury, Anderson County


Players listed in order of points received

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Congratulations to Andrew Sampson from SK for making this team. I think he deserved POY but glad he made the team.


Kristian Morgan is one of my all time favorite players to watch. Glad to see him getting some props.


Pretty good team overall. Was this group selected by coaches vote?

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