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  1. It was 100% a QB draw!!!!! Like I said, hopefully Ludlow gets out of the first round of the playoffs this year. It would be nice to have someone other than Beechwood representing our district in the 2nd round.
  2. The TD right before half was scored on a QB draw. Good teams work on getting better at things, like trying to work on a 2 minute offense. Beechwood works on trying to win state titles. Hopefully Ludlow can get a win in the first round of the playoffs this year.
  3. The players buy their own jerseys, and they do not have to get a new one every year if they don't want to change numbers. Beechwood changed uniform designs two years ago, so the players had to get new ones, but other than that, they could wear the same jersey all 3 seasons if they choose to.
  4. Are you implying, that if Lloyd beats NCC this year, then that will lead to them being the team to beat in NKY 2A, even when Beechwood moves up to 2A next year?
  5. You can always spin the comparative scores to make a point....it just depends on how you want to spin it. Scott County drubbed Highlands, Henry Clay drubbed Scott County, and CCH put a running clock on Henry Clay in the first half.
  6. Campbell has now been life and death to beat Cooper and Conner. I'm not sure why everyone thinks they will beat Simon Kenton. Who has Campbell beaten that is an impressive win? SK hammered Cooper and beat Conner comfortably. SK will beat Campbell, and I think they will win by a few TDs.
  7. These 6 teams are split into two different, 3 team districts, correct?
  8. Logan Castleman does everything, but sell popcorn at halftime. No back in Class A has faced the schedule that he has. He plays RB, Slot Receiver, Safety, and does all the punting. When Josh Derry went down with an injury, he has had to take over almost all of the ball carrying duties. These other guys mentioned are good backs, but give me Castleman.
  9. That predictable, cookie cutter offense of Beechwood, put up 500 yards of offense last night.
  10. The only poll that matters is the one at the end of the year. Teams that get excited about mid season polls have either never been to the mountain top, or don't play anybody of significance and get over inflated records due to not playing anybody, and then they get exposed in the playoffs. Fulton County getting a first place in the AP poll is a perfect example of polls being a joke. The BGP poll is probably the most accurate poll there is. No Class A team in the state would have fared any better against Beechwood's schedule than they have. If they lose to Simon Kenton then you would have to consider dropping them if Raceland and Pikeville continue to win, but even then I don't think any other 1A team in the state would beat Simon Kenton either.
  11. The passing game was non existent about midway through the 2nd quarter due to the weather conditions. I wouldn't base too much off of last years game.
  12. He was 2-4 in the first half with one of them dropped. He finished 6-10 and just missed connecting on a post, and a fade to Odom was caught just out of bounds in the endzone. For his first varsity action of his career......he did just fine. Not to mention his legs are gonna be a major asset.
  13. This thread was started by a Hazard fan.....I can guarantee you that nobody affiliated with Beechwood is thinking this way.
  14. I asked you about this one a few years ago .... I have never seen it (who wants to see the end of your high school football career? ha, ha! I think I can finally stomach it!). Thanks for adding it!! Greatly appreciated.
  15. Not sure where you heard that, but the scrimmage is on as of right now.
  16. Nobody quit, it's not possible to continue to rotate 3 QB's and be able to get someone ready to play. The reps had to get cut down to 2 QB's, the third QB is trying to learn another position to try and contribute in other ways.
  17. That list has been trimmed to 2
  18. Yep ... I should have known better than wasting my time responding to the Soccer Mommies and Daddies ... because their opinion in the only one that matters. And I am 100% sure ... that the Soccer fields up top are Title 9 compliant (which, by the way, isn't just about the girls). Those soccer lines on the football field ... are there because the Soccer teams (BOTH OF THEM) play more games on that field than the Football team does. So take your poor pitiful me act somewhere else .... but then again ... why let the facts get in the way of a good argument!
  19. Did it ever occur to you that someone may have agreed to play it at Beechwood without clearing it with the administration? And at the same time ... if Beechwood has its own field up top ... which it does ... why would anything need to be cleared with Noel Rash? What in the heck does Noel Rash have to do with any of it when the Soccer program has their OWN field. Did it occur to you that the administration didn't think that it is fair to the other programs that use the facilities should have to change around a schedule that has been set for months ? And yes ... I am 100% confident that there was minimal to ZERO communication to the decision makers when it came to this event. Bryson Warner at Ryle? Guess what ... he didn't have a choice ... I could be wrong ... but Ryle Soccer doesn't have their own field ... correct? Don't all the programs at Ryle share the only field they have? Which means .... you guessed it .... it isn't an apples to apples comparison. How can other schools do it? Well ... how many of these "other schools" don't have any other options besides the same field that all the programs use? Which again ... not an apples to apples comparison. Beechwood Soccer has their own field/facilities. It isn't Beechwood's problem is you think they don't have enough room (which obviously isn't the truth ... or they wouldn't be allowed to play games there to begin with ... so I really need you to educate me on why the field isn't "sufficently sized for the athletes"). From there ... are you saying that the field at Beechwood isn't a regulation sized field? Because I will tell you this ... there is twice the room up there compared to the football field. How in the world is that area "not big enough" ... seriously ... all ears and ready to listen. When I walked up there 3 hours ago ... you could fit two football fields up there. Is it seating? Is it something else? I have been at Beechwood just about every day for the past 20 years ... and I would have never guessed that the field up top isn't big enough for soccer ... or basically anything else. I really need someone to help explain to me how the Beechwood Ad or Coach Rash should have to change around the facility schedule when the soccer program has their own facilities to begin with. And yes ... I am also saying that the football program isn't responsible for poor communication between the Soccer program and the administration. The football schedule has been completed and turned in ... with all the other facilities schedules MONTHS AGO. The more I read your message ... the more I think that you are going off of information from one person ... or one particular group of people as opposed to actually speaking to all the groups involved (I get it ... not really realistic for you to be able to do that) ... but at the same time ... for you to point towards Beechwood and Coach Rash .. with your previous "control" issue comment ... isn't fair to either.
  20. Yeah ... thats right ... because you actually spoke to the Athletic Direction, Noel Rash and the Soccer Coach. I know for a fact that you haven't spoken to at least 2 of those people ... so do yourself a favor ... give a call to AD Booth and Coach Rash .. and ask their opinion of the situation. I am 100% sure that they will be more than happy to fill you in on what is REALLY going on. I do agree with one thing that you said ... this is about CONTROL. But the control isn't necessarily coming from the direction that you are alluding to. l When it comes to the soccer argument ... Beechwood had natural grass. Many people complained because there was a perfectly good football field that they could use instead of using the grass field (which is really funny when you consider how many injuries occurred on the turf ... that were directly related to the age of said turf). People complained ... said it wasn't fair (pretty funny with that ... because the KHSAA never raised any Title 9 issues in regard to facilities for Soccer vs other sports). So ... the powers that be decided that they would try to find a way to come up with funding to add turf to the top fields. They find the funding ... they get it done. The soccer programs now have THEIR OWN facilities. They have TURF ... they have LIGHTS ... they have room for plenty of fans (I am not going to talk about the part where there are rarely more than a handful of fans). How many teams in NKY or even the state have THEIR OWN field ... that is steps away from school and an athletic facility that is 2nd to none one? Can someone explain to me .. how the field up top isn't good enough for the soccer programs? I understand the previous situation when there was no turf. What in the heck does that have to do with football ... or Noel Rash in particular? The school went out and found the money to take care of the situation ... and that still isn't good enough. Seriously... the people in this thread sound like a bunch of spoiled malcontents who think it has to be their way or no way. All the varsity girls and boys games are on the big field (EVERY ONE) ... you don't think football is adjusting their schedule for that? All the other teams outside of soccer are making due with their space. Do yourself a favor and go up to Beechwood this week ... and see how many people are using the big field on the average day. If football was the end all be all ... how come there are usually a minimum of 150 kids on the big field practicing ... working on the sled, using the chutes, working on field goal/extra point ... which you walk up top ... and there is a TON of open space ... and there are no where near as many kids using the facilities up top. So again ... please explain to me why a nearly brand new turf field ... with lights is not good enough for the soccer program. (And when you do ... please keep in mind that this isn't just about Soccer or football ... and remember that the freaking track team practices on a track that has 90 degree corners on one end ... pretty funny how no one complains about that).
  21. The upper field is turfed, end to end, complete with LED lights. The varsity teams play their games on the lower field and the freshman and JV teams play on the upper field.
  22. I don't believe that Beechwood is raising the price. I know that last year the Corbin game was part of the event, and ticket prices remained the same.
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