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  1. It was 100% a QB draw!!!!! Like I said, hopefully Ludlow gets out of the first round of the playoffs this year. It would be nice to have someone other than Beechwood representing our district in the 2nd round.
  2. The TD right before half was scored on a QB draw. Good teams work on getting better at things, like trying to work on a 2 minute offense. Beechwood works on trying to win state titles. Hopefully Ludlow can get a win in the first round of the playoffs this year.
  3. The players buy their own jerseys, and they do not have to get a new one every year if they don't want to change numbers. Beechwood changed uniform designs two years ago, so the players had to get new ones, but other than that, they could wear the same jersey all 3 seasons if they choose to.
  4. Are you implying, that if Lloyd beats NCC this year, then that will lead to them being the team to beat in NKY 2A, even when Beechwood moves up to 2A next year?
  5. You can always spin the comparative scores to make a point....it just depends on how you want to spin it. Scott County drubbed Highlands, Henry Clay drubbed Scott County, and CCH put a running clock on Henry Clay in the first half.
  6. Campbell has now been life and death to beat Cooper and Conner. I'm not sure why everyone thinks they will beat Simon Kenton. Who has Campbell beaten that is an impressive win? SK hammered Cooper and beat Conner comfortably. SK will beat Campbell, and I think they will win by a few TDs.
  7. These 6 teams are split into two different, 3 team districts, correct?
  8. Logan Castleman does everything, but sell popcorn at halftime. No back in Class A has faced the schedule that he has. He plays RB, Slot Receiver, Safety, and does all the punting. When Josh Derry went down with an injury, he has had to take over almost all of the ball carrying duties. These other guys mentioned are good backs, but give me Castleman.
  9. That predictable, cookie cutter offense of Beechwood, put up 500 yards of offense last night.
  10. The only poll that matters is the one at the end of the year. Teams that get excited about mid season polls have either never been to the mountain top, or don't play anybody of significance and get over inflated records due to not playing anybody, and then they get exposed in the playoffs. Fulton County getting a first place in the AP poll is a perfect example of polls being a joke. The BGP poll is probably the most accurate poll there is. No Class A team in the state would have fared any better against Beechwood's schedule than they have. If they lose to Simon Kenton then you would have to consider dropping them if Raceland and Pikeville continue to win, but even then I don't think any other 1A team in the state would beat Simon Kenton either.
  11. The passing game was non existent about midway through the 2nd quarter due to the weather conditions. I wouldn't base too much off of last years game.
  12. He was 2-4 in the first half with one of them dropped. He finished 6-10 and just missed connecting on a post, and a fade to Odom was caught just out of bounds in the endzone. For his first varsity action of his career......he did just fine. Not to mention his legs are gonna be a major asset.
  13. This thread was started by a Hazard fan.....I can guarantee you that nobody affiliated with Beechwood is thinking this way.
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