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  1. And for the record I wish Coco was back, he brings a fire to the team while still being a very respected guy on and off the field. I fell in love woth him last year when he wouldn't take any stuff from that team in St.louis's bench.
  2. I don't think everyone is that down on Coco, but it seems he wasn't keen on a 1 year deal and Reds were in that market, and your right the Cards Bullpen wasn't great for 2/3's of the year, they weren't that good for 2/3's of the year either. Not that it directly correlates but it matters.
  3. I guess you know all the circumstances of the situation and what this "God's" school has offered Mr.Campbell in terms of stability in a trying time. Stop the ignorance please.
  4. I hear he likes the shorter shorts!!! Not sure why but he sure is a fun player to watch. I personally like the shimmy he does when he is shooting his free throws. Anyone else notice that???
  5. I'm pretty sure the kid from WW #32 was just a Soph. He has some serious skill around the basket. He looks like He would make a good linebacker too.
  6. I'm lost on your can't afford to put fans in the gym comment. Not even offended I just don't know what you mean.
  7. Anyone else shocked that he was only paying 450 for a pound of weed? That's a great deal :lol: (I only know that because I watch a lot of TV:D)
  8. Kevin Connaughton (10) and Pat Van Sant (09) will be playing in the NAIA semifinals for Georgetown College at Carroll College in Montana this Saturday.
  9. If only these somerset fans could hear what their coaches were saying to HC players as they were by their sideline throughout the game. I have heard from many players things they were saying. That right there tops off the fans saying stuff
  10. There was not a single person drinking. "From an open bottle". There was police everywhere. And the arguing between the 2 sets of fans went both ways.
  11. Thanks fellas, my computer has a virus and it is only allowing me to look at BGP, quite ironic. :lol:
  12. It is NOT being played at Holmes! As of now it's either Newport or Scott still trying to figure out with one
  13. As of now I have heard it is being played at Newport but I know the other option they were talking about was Scott! But as of now it is Newport.
  14. :banana:Predicted a 31-28 field goal by Mr. Do It All Kyle Fuller. Great win by the Indians let's keep it rolling!:banana::banana::banana::dancingpa:
  15. All around a good game. One of the best games I've seen between 2 NKY teams!
  16. If by cave you mean grotto with a statue of The Virgin Mary, then yes, CovCath has a cave. If you haven't seen it up close I recommend it. It really is a beautiful setup.
  17. I agree with everything you said except age is not a factor. While it is less relevant than say 5 years ago, it still matters. How many of NCC's starters are part of an NCC football family line or some type of legacy. I am not knocking this I admire it. That said I think the HC program is pretty far a long and has taken strides in the past 3 or 4 years to become established in NKY and the 2A state. I can't wait until the game.:thumb: Let's see the Indians stop the big play and sustain some drive, if they can do this it will be a great game to watch. I'm going to go out on a limb and say 31-28 HC. Late field goal out of Mr. Do It All for HC Kyle Fuller. :ylsuper:
  18. That's what happens when you don't play any good teams in the regular season
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