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  1. This game was closer than the score shows, IMO. When HC had the ball: they were determined to give the ball to Beal and wear down the tigers defense. The Indians actually had some success at this, the tigers 6 or 7 d-linemen that they rotated in were looking tired by half. However beechwoods secondary stopped covering the Indians receivers all together at times and only played the run leaving open receivers that hc didn't take advantage of, this could have made this game Alot closer. HC must develope some sort of passing game to at least try and keep teams honest. When Beechwood had the ball: the tigers offense seems to be a work in progress the qb needs to be a better Passer from the pocket, but he is dangerous when rolling out which was the case tonight. Three times hc was beat in the red zone by the tigers who ran the exact same play. They would fake a hand-off roll the qb out, which would suck up the Indians secondary leaving a wide open Beechwood receiver coming across the back of the end zone. This play combined with a botched kickoff by the Indians allowed for the tigers to put up points and hold off the Indians for the win.
  2. Alot of respect for the sk coaching staff for not trying to hang 100+ on a team an a much weaker hc team. Sk is much better than what people think, they were clearly holding back and they are going to surprise some teams this year. Im still not sure what hc has when they get to district play. I feel like they may be able to place second in District with newcath winning. But they have a rough non district schedule to get through first.
  3. Not sure about how fast, but this game will more than likely get ugly for HC. Against Holmes the Indians played fairly well until they ran out of gas halfway through the 2nd qtr. I'm expecting a similar score to last week for the Indians 56-14 SK wins.
  4. HC did have a fairly young team I feel that the defense should actually improve a great deal they have a lot of younger players who should have gotten more playing time along the front 7 than they did this year. Mike groeschen and David lampke will be 2 very good linebackers as juniors next year. Groeschen probably would have started this year but got hurt before the season started and had to miss this year. As for the offense qb is up in the air with Matt stecht(will be a senior) I and Hamilton Scott (will be a soph). Matt is probably a better passer at this point but Scott is more of an athlete. I see the Indians using a short passing game and pounding it with beal next year, their line will be a bit smaller, but with good technique and running a spread offense that is more zone blocking I don't see this being a huge issue
  5. As I said in the the thread when these teams played a couple weeks back, this game will be much closer than people think(assuming beal and some of the other Indians are healthy, about 8 or 9 were not in pads against int Owen Co.) I would love to say that my Indians will win but I can't. It is going to be a tough mountain to climb so I will say ncc by 14 but I won't be surprised if it comes down to the wire.
  6. Is Beal playing tonight? I know that could be a huge difference in this game. If he plays I think HC wins by a couple TDs if not, I think they will still win but only by a few points, due to the team becoming easier to defend(shut down Pouncy).
  7. Can the Indians stop the athletes for Holmes and gain some sort of momentum for the playoffs?
  8. Then it would be no mas........not mass lol. Also beal was injured he did not just give up.
  9. This will be my last post on this topic. I never said that this game would have stayed within 3 tds. But it is MY Opinion that NCC had 3 questionable long tds( not any of the punt returns, if there was a questionable call on that then make it 4). These calls caused HC to roll over and give up, because there was not any chance in their minds. Again NCC WON EASILY regardless of a some bad calls. All I am saying is that if they meet again in this game COULD be alot closer than people think. FYI my "grasp on the game of football" is much better than most, and yes I am biased towards my team but who on here is not at least a little bit. People may argue this all they want but when HC plays teams such as the NCCs and BWs of the world many refs seem to turn a blind eye because in their mind they have picked a team to already win based on reputation. I have experienced this in person both being on the field and on the sidelines. Not everyone will agree with me on this but from what I have experienced this is true. Good luck to both teams the rest of the year I hope we meet again in the playoffs and have the winner of that game keep the state title in NKY.
  10. Like I said take away the 70 yd td and the 31 yd td at the end of the 2nd qtr (like they should have been due to blocks in the back). And give beal the td that he was "supposedly'' down at the 2 and it's 21-10 ncc at the half that makes this game completely different than the 35-3 that it was. Ncc never really drove the ball on in Indians in the first half they actually had a couple 3 and outs ifs I remember correctly. Yes hc didn't move the ball on offense very well and losing beal in the 2nd qtr didn't exactly help. As I said before ncc still won the game regardless and I hope that they are already looking past hc in the playoffs because if hc does get there for a rematch I think that they have the '' potential'' to give the breds all they can handle.
  11. I will post this in here instead of the other thread.... It's hard for a team to come back from poor officiating when hcs defense was playing fairly well into the half. Remember nccs first 2 tds came on a short field and their 3rd on a punt return, outside of these scores they were not really driving the ball on the Indians. If the td counted for beal on any of the 4 times that he got in, it would have/could have been 21-10 ncc at the half.... The long tds that were the ones that crushed hc, these runs should have never happened but because of poor officiating they did and that is when hc seemed to lose all hope. If you don't believe me just watch the film and you will see. Also the hc players were a bit chippy at the start of the game but settled down, there was a lot if talking though by both teams throughout the game that was not one sided. This very well could play out just like last year in the playoffs but hc still has to keep getting better bc ncc is a better team right now and they still beat hc by a couple tds even if the refs didn't help.
  12. Not to take anything away from ncc but refs were absolutely horrible hc cleary had another td that wasn't called... They also gave ncc 21ptson on 3 long runs that had many blocks in the back... Take Away all these things and the game really probably was something like 28/35-17 or so....
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