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  1. Awesome win for South Warren tonight. What a job those players and coaches have done. A second-year program in the regional finals is quite an accomplishment.
  2. the falcons and South Warren will be a battle in three weeks.
  3. Great turnaround this year for the second year program.
  4. Looking at this score makes me think Warren Central is very good.
  5. I honestly have no idea how many fumbles they had against Monroe. I am really seeing this as lone weakness in Ft. Campbell's armor. After seeing them first-hand the other night I am beyond impressed with Ft. Campbell. I really see turnovers as the only way that this game stays close, but if they turn it over it will be a dog fight..
  6. I will say that if they continue to lay the ball on the ground like they have the last few games then Edmonson will make them pay. The last few teams have not had the firepower to do so.
  7. Jim Mckee can flat out coach..He has done a great job at Scott Co. I am glad to see Scott co. doing well.
  8. No it is up to the individual school. Most ambulance services will charge a fee and the school decides whether or not to pay and have one on site.
  9. Manual seems to quietly be having a good season. I'll take Manual 28-7.
  10. Allen Co.'s defense is pretty good. I'll go with Allen 22-21.
  11. Scott Co. will roll but that is no disrespect to Madison Central. Scott co. is a top 5 team in 6a. Mckee has done a great job with that program.
  12. I assume you mean Warren Central. I have seen Warren Central up close and they should be in the 5a discussion with Bowling Green and John Hardin. I admit I dont know much about Fort Campbell, but what little I do know about them this year I will have to go with Central 28-14.
  13. I wonder if these two teams will continue to play after this year?
  14. Is Ballard in rebuilding mode? Isnt Byrnes one of the top ranked programs in the country?
  15. Franklin Simpson has a good team, but I have seen Central first hand and they are loaded. I will take Cental 24-14.
  16. The size and speed of Central is unreal. The dragons have always been athletic, but now they look like they live in the weight room. The job Rogers is doing is nothing short of amazing.
  17. True Blood is the best show on tv. Congrats to your cards.
  18. I was there and I am not sure that Mayfield's defense gets enough credit. That unit is really strong.. I would hate to be a 1a team and have to face that bunch.
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