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Kobe headlines 12-man Team USA squad

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U.S. men's team announced, with high hopes of regaining gold


12 Talented Men

Carmelo Anthony

Jason Kidd

Carlos Boozer

Chris Paul

Chris Bosh

Tayshaun Prince

Kobe Bryant

Michael Redd

Dwight Howard

Dwyane Wade

LeBron James

Deron Williams



If this team doesn't win every event they enter then I'm not sure what to think.

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Any reason why Tim Duncan isn't playing? I feel like they could use a post player who does very well with his back to the basket because Howard and Bosh are not exactly that. They could definitely use a 3 ball shooter.


He chose not to.

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I'd cut Jason Kidd and find a post player.


Not a chance. Jason Kidd is undefeated all time in international competition and is the type of PG that is perfect for this type of team. We will see him, Kobe, Lebron, Carmelo, and Howard start, with Chris Paul coming in soon off the bench. It appears that their is a lack of post players, but Coach K will be relying on Lebron and Carmelo to be playing alot at the 4 spot, which they can flourish at in international competition.

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They will be just fine, but I would have like to see Deron Williams out and Tyson Chandler in. You already have two PG's who will see much more of the floor and there are others who could run the O. KG, Allen, Pierce?


I agree with that move. Also, with Kobe and D-Wade on the team, either of those 2 are more than capable to run and defend at the PG spot.

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KG, Allen, Pierce?


Pierce was the only one of the three on the roster of something like 40 guys.


Personally, I think that KG would have been a good addition because of his height and ability to hit the midrange jumper. Not to mention defensive abilities. Allen would have also helped with the 3 point shooting. Pierce is too much like the othere guys that already had spots locked up.


Dwayne Wade will be the designated "6th man."



And while there is no doubt in my mind if I was starting an NBA team I would choose Paul over Deron Williams, the international game sometimes favors bigger stronger guards with some muscle to them. Paul was exposed in that sense in his first go round in the international game.


I too, think that this team should win any tournament it is entered in...

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