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Volleyball question from Public School parent


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Do the Catholic schools always play 5 games ( best 3 out of 5) and what if they are playing a public school?


I just noticed it on the KHSAA scoreboard and wondered how this works. The games seem so short I wish they played that way in the public schools.

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You are doing better than me, I can not even find where it is discussed...

It seems it would be great to get that much playing time out of every match.


In OH, 3 out of 5 is the normal match. Ask any St. Henry parent that got out of Oak Hills last night after a 3 game Freshman match, 3 game JV Match, and a best of 5 Varsity match that went 4 games. The players got home @ midnight.


This is probably the reason to avoid 3 out of 5 games. Especially in long distance travel games.


I have an idea, how about getting rid of the 20 minute warm up. St. Henry had a match against an opponent last week in which the score was 25-5 and 25-4. The warm ups almost took longer than the match. Seriously. If you include player announcements and the National anthem, pregame took longer than the match. Shorten warmups to 8 minutes, and play best out of 5.


That is my rant for the day... :jump: :jump:

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I think that it would be great for the smaller schools to go to best 3/5 to give the varsity more experience. Most can not play any type of club ball due to location and it would be a great way to work on the game.


Most of our opponents do not even field a freshman team so this would not extend the evening too much for them.

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Already checked it out and it is about 1 hour away.. also my daughter plays Varsity Basketball and has since 7th grade so that leaves her out until March..


However she may get to participate as a practice player after Basketball ends in March. There are actually several really nice players in our local area that do both sports.


Still like the 5 games idea..it appears they do that across the river in Indiana also.

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