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  1. Coach Mefford lost a lot last year in losing 3 senior starters but he is a great coach and will find a way to put together a competitive club. Hannah Devine will be the key and with some of the other returning ball players that saw action last year.
  2. Dixon is by far their best inside player and she played most of the first half. Carroll really packed it in on her and made it difficult for her to score. After the half Sandlin and Judy just were not able to capitalize on how small CC is. CC did a good job of driving it to the basket and getting them to foul. The referres did not take away the inside game the over the backs and fouling from those two did. WV did not drive and shot from the outside so they did not get fouled.
  3. Carroll did a great job. after getting down 10 points in an emotional 1st quarter they really played great! Took away WV inside game but they had 2 girls who were very hot from the outside. I wish them the best of luck. Very sad to say good bye to these seniors, they have been playing for Coach Mefford since Middle School and really respect him and their teammates. I also hope that his next generation of players work as hard as these girls to make Carroll County proud.
  4. Shooting woes still plague the Panthers, however, they seemed to come out of it in the second half of this game. Less turnovers and a few less breakdowns in defense and they are on the top of their game.
  5. The first quarter of this game was the worst officiating I have seen this year. I normally am never negative but tHe 3 refs obviously were blatantly making sure they took care of BB. I guess since we are from another region and do not evaluate them they wanted to make sure they sucked up. They called it much better the second half, after they felt comfortable screwing a bunch of HS players out of a game. I hope the 3 of them slept well last night. As far as the game goes. BB has a very nice team and play well together and congrats to them. It was fun to play in that venue..
  6. I thought the refs were terrible overall, both ways. The number of trips up and down to the foul lines was terrible. Good win for Grant. Carroll looked very determined but did not pull it out. I thought they played very well.
  7. I think Anderson is the favorite and will probably win the 8th region. I think that SO is the ony team that might give them problems. However, there are mamy teams in the 8th that can have a very good night and beat a team they should not.
  8. Actually, their defense was just not all that smothering. Devine struggled with her shot in the first half on open looks or she would have had 45. It was not the best defensive game by CC either. They left a lot of shots open that they usually cover well. The Referee called this one very tight for a 8th region game. However, it was consistent both ways.
  9. I thought Wtown's defense kept her from having open looks and forced her to pass the ball. They definitely did not make it easy on her. I would have to credit Wtown defense for taking her out of the game. They also smothered Neeley and that took out the 2 best scorers.
  10. Congrats to WV ..represent the 8th well in State! Also congrats to these girls that made the all tourney team. I have watched so many of these girls play for years and think the 8th has a lot of talent! If I have left anyone out please add to the list Trimble Reagan Black Owen Rianna Gayheart Hannah Neeley Gallatin Brooke Hill Brook Dossett Carroll Kyndal Curry Hannah Devine Williamstown Tori Wilhoit Chelsea West Susan Northcutt Walton Verona Katie Slavey Kara Taulbee Courtney Sandlin MVP - Kelli Dixon
  11. I thought Walton struggled a little against CC in the semi's, could have been the pressure of being the favorite and playing at home. I look for Williamstown to come out strong and make a run, but Walton to pull it out in the end by 10.
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