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  1. Grant is overdue, twice in 55 years, every squirrel finds a nut every 30 years or so.
  2. Starring, you've got to be kidding, as I recall he was a roll player in the Allen Schaffer era, maybe the reason he left. I believe he was a role player at NCC also.
  3. Trust me, these are good kids but they are not D-1 players, the tuition would get paid but hopefully they will finish at Walton, as I believe they will, and with a lot of success I might add.
  4. I might add, 30-3 against a tough schedule, great hire!!
  5. Clyde you are probably right about the money, but if you are coaching High School basketball for the money your doing it for the wrong reason, there are many other things a person can do with that time and make a lot more money.
  6. If they were such great coaches why did they leave Holy Cross and wind up at Walton, which you seem to indicate is a terrible place.
  7. Amazing, after all of this posting about Hicks and Carr leaving Grant that a few posters from Grant have gotten very silent. (Jaws, Braves1, BGC, almost funny)
  8. Even with WV short self life, other than one upset they have consistently kicked your butt, even though after your big upset your made a really good showing against Simon and Anderson.
  9. No, they shouldn't ignore it, but why not go to the monitor as they almost always do and be sure and get the call correct.
  10. If my source is correct him not leaving last year wasn't because he didn't apply elsewhere, it was because where he applied didn't offer him the job.
  11. Glory, Funny is putting it mildly, I have had a blast posting, most of which has been in good fun and hopefully I haven't offended anyone. I've had enough, but I do want to wish each and every athlete from all schools the very best in all they do.
  12. Now you've exposed yourself on where you went to school, 8 teams in the tourney, I said they would drill 6 of them, we all know South upset them, that only leaves one unless they scrimmage their jv. Lol
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