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  1. Carroll County hosted Walton Verona for their senior night; they had three baskteball players to honor (Curry, Butcher, Hunter) and they honored WV's one senior, Dixon. Hannah Devine led all scorers with 21 points, and hit 10 of 10 from the free throw line.
  2. Just because I don't know.........What are the guidelines for this honor? Is it individual or team oriented? Do the coaches that vote actually use the stats of the players or just vote on who they get to see play? Any education on my part would be appreciated as I simply don't understand how they are picked. I don't disagree, especially with the top five, I just don't understand how they get ranked. Thanks for any help........
  3. 1 2 3 4 OT Final CC 7 13 11 9 7 47 ML 9 10 14 13 9 49 Hannah Devine was the leading scorer of the game with 22 points; Kyndal Curry piled on 15 points.
  4. Carroll County started off extremely slow and missed a lot of shots; but took a lesson from their recent loss to Trimble County and dug in and fired up late in the 3rd quarter and on into the 4th quarter to play toe to toe with Williamstown. Jill Butcher did an awesome job on maintaining a level head to drop in the two foul shots, great to see a huge victory to such deserving team mates.
  5. Congratulations to Hannah Devine, NCKC's MVP for 2011 Girl's Basketball! Hannah has been named NCKC 'Player of the Week' twice this season and continues to maintain 26+ points per game average. Additionally, she carries a full advanced class load and a 4.0 GPA.
  6. Results from Saturday nights game at NKU. Bishop Brossart 50, Carroll County 45. Hard defense played by Kyndall Curry; Tasha Hunter; Hannah Devine and Nicki Hill for Carroll County. Hannah Devine led all scorers with 33 points, which included 4 three's. Lots of fouling and very rough game.
  7. Carroll County Lady Panthers topped the Cooper Lady Jaguers 68 to 62. Carroll County had some great team work and we saw several girls stepping up to the plate. Hannah Devine had 35; Kyndall Curry had 17; and Jill Butcher and Tasha Hunter were great contributors both offensively and defensively. Younger girls got some playing time and several of them made points! Nice to see the teamwork and effort.
  8. Carroll County defeated a much determined Henry County team tonight. Hannah Devine led scorers with 28 points.
  9. Carroll County's first match up in the Holiday Tournament in Prestonburg was victorious for the Lady Panthers. Junior, Hannah Devine led scorers with 29 points. Carroll County plays tomorrow at 1030 AM.
  10. Thanks for the update on Ashland's all-star team, I did not catch their names at the ceremony at the end of the game. Congrats to Ashland on a great Victory!
  11. Carroll County lost to a faster Ashland Blazers tonight in the finals at the NAS tournarment. 2nd place, Carroll County had three very deserving all-stars: Hannah Devine, Tasha Hunter and Kyndall Curry. They all worked very hard throughout the game.
  12. Carroll County brought their game to the court tonight and beat Gallatin County. Devine had a double-double. 30 pts. and 12 rebounds. Final round tomorrow night at 730 PM.
  13. Carroll County Lady Panthers hosted Gallatin County tonight and lost 51 to 56 in Overtime.
  14. Congratulations! Hannah, is a Junior Guard who hit the 1000 pt. club last year as a sophomore; she works hard year round on her game; and maintains a 4.0 in advanced classes. Glad to see her get some of the accolodes she deserves.
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