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H-L top 25

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top 25


School (record) This week Rating


1. Scott Co. (13-1) Tuesday at Bourbon Co., Friday at (8) Bryan Station 87.0


2. Mason Co. (13-2) Tuesday at Campbell Co., Friday vs. (15) Lex. Catholic, Saturday at Ky. Prep Classic 84.6


3. Ballard (17-2) Wednesday at Fern Creek, Friday vs. Waggener 84.1


4. Tates Creek (16-1) Tuesday vs. Harrison Co., Thursday vs. (15) Lexington Catholic 83.9


5. Male (14-3) Wednesday vs. Iroquois, Saturday at Jeffersonville, Ind 82.2


6. Jeffersontown (12-4) Friday at Louisville Christian, Saturday at Ky. Prep Classic 81.7


7. Warren Central (11-4) Tuesday vs. Glasgow, Friday vs. Warren East 80.6


8. Bryan Station (11-4) Friday vs. (1) Scott Co., Saturday at Ky. Prep Classic 80.5


9. Doss (13-6) Friday vs. Butler 80.4


10. South Laurel (11-5) Tuesday vs. (12) Mad. Central, Friday at (23) Lafayette.,Sat. at Ky. Prep Classic 80.2


11. Covington Cath. (11-4) Tuesday vs. Holmes, Friday vs. Cov. Holy Cross 79.9


12. Madison Central (13-4) Tuesday at (10) South Laurel, Friday at Harrison Co. 79.4


13. Christian Co. (12-2) Tuesday at Logan Co., Thursday vs. Hopkins Central, Saturday at Ky. Preps Classic 78.8


14. Eastern (12-4) Tuesday vs. Butler, Friday at Seneca. 78.7


15. Lexington Catholic (12-7) Tuesday at Lexington Christian, Thursday at (4) Tates Creek, Friday at (2) Mason Co. 78.3


16. Trinity (11-4) Tuesday at Whitefield Academy, Friday at Atherton 77.9


17. Henry Clay (9-7) Tuesday at Sayre, Thursday at (24) Paul Dunbar, Friday at Estill Co. 77.2


18. Fairdale (11-5) Wednesday vs. Shawnee, Friday vs. Southern. 77.0


19. Bishop Brossart (13-2) Tuesday vs. Scott High. Thursday at Pendleton Co. 76.9


20. PRP (10-4) Idle 75.9


20. Clark Co. (13-2) Tuesday vs. Rowan Co., Friday at Montgomery Co. 75.9


22. Allen Co. (13-3) Tuesday vs. Russellville, Friday vs. Glasgow, Saturday vs. John Hardin 75.4


23. Lafayette (7-8) Friday at (10) South Laurel 75.3


24. Henderson Co. (11-3) Tuesday vs. Apollo, Friday at Muhlenberg North 75.0


24. Paul Dunbar (7-8) Tuesday at Frankfort, Thursday vs. (17) Henry Clay 75.0


24. Shelby Valley (14-1) Tuesday

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2 7-8 teams 2 teams with 7 losses. But LC should be in there. Surly they can find a couple better teams than that.


If you are referring to Henry Clay with 7 losses have you looked @ there schedule? They have played Scott Co., Bryan Station twice, Tates Creek twice,

Mason Co, Bishop Brossart, Trinity, Lafayette,and Allen Co.. I think if any team has played there schedule they might have 7 losses also.

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I'd say Lex Cath's seven losses is a bit misleading. Three of the losses are to teams that have been nationally ranked at some point this year. Four of the losses are to out of state teams. Their in state losses are to Lafayette, Tates Creek, and Male.


I'd say this week is gonna be a tough one for the Knights with Mason Co., Tates Creek, and LCA. All on the road.

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The two 7-8 teams Lafayette and Dunbar have played two of the toughest schedules in the state. Please before making comments check out the scheduling and then comment. thank :thumb:
Alum....your Dunbar boys deserve the respect....everyone knows they better bring their "A" game to beat you guys. And yes your schedule has been tough. The ranking is where it should be. Look forward to a rematch sometime down the road;)
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I like the Hearld leaders ranking better than the Courier's. Lafayette is 7-8 and ranked 16th. They win two games and jump 4 spots from last weeks #16 ranking. I have nothing against them but the Couriers ranking doesnt take away enough for losing. I think your schedule should be considered but losses are losses. Desales got in to the LIT with only 3 wins. I guess because of strenth of schedule.

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