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  1. Has North Hardin won a title? If not I would think they would be in the top 5
  2. Male was impressive last night beating Ballard. If they give that effort each night they will be tough to beat. Howard Fleming's return has elevated them to whole new level.
  3. I understand the criticism of our schedule. However, We are averaging 49ppg and have had a running clock in all but three games. We have taken care of business. We are loaded at the receiver spot. We may get beat like you all say, But I think we will put points on the board. See you Friday night.
  4. The dawgs will be ready! Chance to prove themselves. Not well versed on teams in Owensboro area but how good are the teams that they have played?
  5. The Dawgs schedule has not been the toughest, but they have 21 Sr's this year and are very talented especially on offense. A big boost this year was several of their top basketball players Ty Walter and Stephen Moore came out this year and gives them playmakers. Ty Walter was putting up crazy numbers before sitting out several games due to a knee injury. His first game back he had a td. Haven't seen Owensboro play but I feel like this team can compete. Looking forward to it if it happens.
  6. Can you play 7on7 in an out of state camp?
  7. KOB bowl at Fairdale Bullitt East and Fairdale play on 8/24 also. Game times are 6:00 and 8:00
  8. Interesting that a Non-Traditional student gets into Male that turns away traditional kids due to filling up. Male/Ballard rivalry just heated up.
  9. Jason Frakes just tweeted. PRP's Dale Mabrey steps down after 38 seasons, 937 wins, 1 state championship.
  10. He was a worker. Last year while battling this lung Cancer, he was working the concession stands during a UofL football game fundraising for his team.
  11. Kentucky's winningest Baseball coach lost his battle with lung cancer yesterday. thoughts and prayers to the PRP family and community. Legendary Pleasure Ridge Park baseball coach Bill Miller dies at 68
  12. The players that get there are usually influenced by their high school coach. Most players that are at tryouts are usually accompanied by their coach. If coaches emphasize it enough and take the time to make sure they get there more players would participate. There is an issue with kids enrolling in D-1 schools. But how many does that effect in KY? Courier journal only had 88 ballots turned is for all state and the girls side only 36. A lot of coaches don't even join the KABC which has done a god job protecting and promoting HS basketball in the state. The KABC had to take this game over or it wouldn't even have happened. This indicates to me that you have too many coaches out there that are not promoting their kids or this game enough. Boo Brewer Called them out and should have.
  13. Male's principal was Chris Renner's principal at Ballard. Does he call coach Renner first?
  14. Should have never let Hollingsworth out of Lexington
  15. As long as Szabo and Renner are still at Ballard they aint going anywhere. Male may compete with them but wont dominate
  16. 2017 was nice. It worked out were the best teams were in the final four. No none will ever agree to seeding it so that has a chance to happen every year. As for this year, which I thought you were referring to the semi finals were bad with 30 pt games and low attendance. Would have been nice if it was Trinity/Cov Cath and maybe Scott Co./Fern Creek in semis. No one wants seeding but the two best attendance was when you had the best teams playing. Scott Co./Trinity and the finals.
  17. There were some good games but overall was not good basketball. The semi finals were 30 pt blowouts, one with a running clock. The championship while a decent game was a 18 pt game. The semi finals used to be epic. If the games don't interest you than you leave to watch the NCAA.
  18. Agree Cov Cath should have won by 30. They didnt even look to score most of second half
  19. Disagree! Scott Co has yet to lose to a Ky school. I see Warren Central maybe challenging them. After that Covington Catholic is the only team that can beat them.
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