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  1. Game was blacked out here in Sarasota, Florida sadly but I listened to second half online. Wildcats are tough but its obvious we are young guys and players who haven't played together a long time. Still, Poythress, Noel, Goodwin are BEASTS!
  2. I'm letting this play out, speculation is pointless at this point. I'm just hoping all is well with kid, I have soft spot for him.
  3. I know this has plausibility, but do you think it will have any traction at all GT? By the way, loving your twitter rants. Funny I found you on there.
  4. Um, Kentucky fans + Recruiting news = Unrealistic Expectations. We want guys 1-12 all to commit to UK each year. With the lower ones accepting Walk-on roles.
  5. Catholic's D struggled especially in the secondary. They seemed very lost when it came to either stopping the sweep or covering the receiver. Offensively, Catholic's run game was the biggest weakness. Without any risk there, Ensworth was able to rush at will and drop back in coverage. Bolin looked good. The kid can throw and make plays, that said, he really only had two targets he was able to go to. Lex Cath will have to shore up on defense and work on the run game for sure. Tough lesson yesterday.
  6. Haha, I posted that before ever reading any comments so promise that statement wasn't applied to anybody in particular! I'm sure your reason is good.
  7. I don't doubt its true in certain people, but I hesitate to say its a majority. I'd assume this is a small and IMO somewhat odd minority. If you live in Lexington for instance its almost impossible to go anywhere w/o knowing how the team is doing during the game. If you stay at home and avoid watching/listening, I guarantee if its a close or crazy game come tournament time, you can hear neighbors cheers or groans highlighting the game.
  8. Heard Lex Cath had begun to distance themselves in this one. Any word?
  9. No offense to Boyle, but they ran into a good team. Everyone I talked to after the JH vs Lex Cath game said simply that the Knights could match their speed, but no answer for Hardin's size and it ultimately wore them down. Trinity and Highlands are a notch above everyone, but this team and Bowling Green have to be right there on the next tier.
  10. I think the thing we are seeing from Lex Cath is that they can score, and they can score against teams with defenses that aren't that bad. Flip side, Lex Cath's D still needs work.
  11. Per Lex Cath coach via Twitter, LC 34 Male 26. Good win for Catholic, Down Season for Male.
  12. Wow, that is called a spanking. Like everyone else, expected a win, even thought a decent sized one, but not that.
  13. As a whole Deuce, Lexington/Fayette Co. High School is a bit down. The city itself produces some good talent, but I would almost guarantee that if you looked across all the teams in the City, they are very incomplete. One team may have lots of speed and athleticism, little size. Another team has good Size and Strength, no real speed or athletes. Its somethings I've said about Lexington for awhile, the talent is distributed across the city so that it rarely seems that anyone school anymore is able to really dominate. The emergence of Lex Cath the past 15 years and LCA the past 8 years or so has also taken a toll on the larger schools. Just enough players go to one of the two private schools instead of their Public district school, and thus a team suffers. Another issue many people point out in Lexington football is that the organization of youth football leagues is not necessarily the best and especially at the middle school level can be seen as lacking.
  14. Tough one to tell but it sounds based upon scores/opinions that H is definately down right now. Hope LCHS comes out strong and picks up a W.
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