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  1. Central Big. Etown has no business in the state semis with the kind of talent they have this year. That said, kudos to the panthers for the drastic improvement they've shown. Good luck to all! Its an honor to even be playing on Thanksgiving weekend!
  2. I voted for Etown, but idk...I think it will be very close. If it rains, I think it favors Etown.
  3. ^Agreed, I think The Lexington Catholic/Central game will be a great one. Caldwell County/Elizabethtown should be fantastic as well.
  4. Etown...missing 2 starters(OL/DL & RB/LB)played extremely well. That said, Glasgow isn't very good. I know this b/c Etown isn't either. Still in shock at the margin. Glasgow won the eye test though. Etown looked like a freshman team out there
  5. If you're going to give an individual award to a player in the "ultimate team sport", win/loss record seems hypocritical. Placing that player on a good team will probably give you mixed results. Surrounded by better players is a good thing, but having to spread the wealth doesn't help. I believe it needs to be about stats, sos, character, & most importantly...intangibles, all within a single season. Basing it on career stats eliminates players who may have hardships somewhere along the way.
  6. @k2002j- agreed, but I am fairly certain Coach Lewis doesn't tolerate this type of play either. I think the biggest difference between Brown & Lewis is personality. Coach Lewis is far more laid back. As I'm sure Lewis has given them an earful on multiple occassions, please don't confuse his demeanor with tolerance. It seems that a few posters are convinced that Coach Lewis has turned a blind eye. You're reaching here. Maybe Lewis could try a different tactic...I don't know, I'm not part of the staff. But I know Coach Lewis, I guarantee you he is trying to find ways to rectify the situation. Time will tell, & I hope they can clean it up.
  7. Its won & lost in the trenches. Belfry will beat anyone dumb enough to win the west. I kid...but losing on purpose in the semis may be a good idea this year!
  8. I'll take Bardstown in a close game at home. Etown just isn't very good this year. Bardstown is better this year, although clearly not a contender. Should be a great game between two average squads..
  9. Elizabethtown should be at 12 I might trade Bardstown for Boyle too...
  10. Pep, the irony here is that T got beat in the '96 semis by a Wing-t team...the Delaware at that
  11. @Rick, gotta feelin' Payne may step back into XP duty tonight...
  12. Central hardin's chances of winning are slim to none....but they can keep it respectable if they can compete up front. Establish some balance on offense, nickel & dime the secondary, pick up a few on the ground & dominate TOP. Take a way the homerun defensively & maybe you've got a recipe for 28pt game or less. Otherwise, the clock will be on Usain⚡️
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