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Montgomery Co. Job???

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Wow. It would be idiotic to not want to bring some a great coach and equally fine human being back to the job.


If he doesn't decide to return, Whitney Lee (last name now???) will make a fine coach also.


Also, for you new to Montgomery County and not sure of Coach Kindred, I want to point out that Beth Vice was Ms Basketball on that team and hurt her knee in the regional tournament. Montgomery County was so good they marched to the state championship game WITHOUT MS. Basketball playing a single second until the state championship game was well decided.

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I heard a rumor that there might be an old chief brought back to indian nation. I hear that some higher ups would like to have Mike Kindred the successful girls coach from the 98 state runner-up team back? Thoughts.....


That's a new one on me.


As for Whitney Lee getting the job, I thought she might, but she's not even helping the team this year. I would think this is not good for her resume.

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