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Dixie 7 Simon Kenton 4

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A slow-pitch softball game broke out in Edgewood last night, and the Colonels prevail with the 7-4 result.  Dixie had only allowed 3 goals in their first 7 games, so either Braden Blackburn was away last night, or something else odd must have been afoot.  Dixie improves to 7-1-0 (not the toughest of schedules thus far, to be fair), and now will host MoCo next Tuesday night.

Simon Kenton had been on quite the run before this week, but after dropping one against WV that probably left them feeling like "what could have been", they allowed a touchdown to Dixie to fall to 5-5-0 on the season.  This was obviously the most goals allowed in a game by the Pioneers this year.  They go to Grant County on Tuesday, then get Beechwood and Scott, so they will have their chances to right the ship over the next 10 days.

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