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Mason 83 Bracken 39

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Bracken County just doesn't have the guns to stay with Mason County. No surprise there.


Coach O'Hearn sees his starters down 3-2 and playing without much life; decides that an object lesson is in order. If getting the entire starting lineup yanked on your home court won't wake you up, nothing will. Down 7-3 when they returned, it took about 2 or 3 minutes to score 13 straight.


Who is Mason County's least likely candidate to swish a 30-footer at the halftime buzzer? Give yourself a star if you guessed Brad Pawsat.


45-24 at half; MC scores 15 straight to start the 3rd to make it 60-24, BC comes back with a nice 10-0 run, then MC pours it on. All starters done by the end of the quarter if not before.


Darius could have scored 50 if he wanted to.


Most of the damage done by Mason's front court tonight; besides Miller scoring at will, Nathan Stahl had what was probably a career game for him. Nice minutes by Tony Browning as well; the breakaway dunk was nice.


Royals only dressed 11; Ethan King was out with an ankle.

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