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12th Region Top 10 (Fan Poll)

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I've viewed many other things for the 13th, and I decided that I'd poll the 12th.


1. Lincoln County (2-0)

-They have the pieces needed to win right now, and when their other players are back from football, they could be the class of the 12th.


2. McCreary Central (3-0)

-The schedule hasn't been though yet, but Friday they host West Jessamine in a rematch of last year's regions. The Raiders are still without the #7 player in the region, Josh Bartley, but they're getting it done with a young, but veteran team.


3. East Jessamine (1-2)

-Even though they've started the season 1-2, they still have talent. They were thrashed by Knott County Central and lost a close one in OT at Franklin County, but beat Boyle - defending region champion - by 11 at home.


4. Southwestern (1-1)

-Last year's region runnerup has had a rough go at it this year. Starting 1-1 and being dominated by Ross Hill, Southwestern has some work to do. A 2-point win at Marion is the only win, but they have the ability to go to the region finals.


5. West Jessamine (2-0)

-The 2-0 Colts are back after an early exit in the region tourney last season. Giving up only 45 points a game, they have a tough test as they go to McCreary who averages 80 ppg. This team is also capable of making a run in the region, but will need consistent play from their role-players.


6. Boyle County (1-1)

-The Rebels are 1-1 with a dominating win over Rockcastle and an 11-point loss at East Jessamine. Led by Spencer Perrin, a Danville transfer, the Rebels are capable of going back to the finals of the region. Perrin can't do it alone, he'll need some help from the rest of the cast if they want to return to Rupp.


7. Somerset (1-0)

-The 1-1 Briarjumpers beat North Laurel by 9, but were dominated at home by Paul Dunbar. A game Saturday at Southwestern will give us a better idea of what they're capable of.


8. Mercer (2-0)

-The darkhorse of the 12th and the biggest unknown going into the season has been the new-look Titans. Starting 2-0 (both at home) with a win over Washington County by 12 and a slip-by of Western Hills, Mercer has shown their strength. A better offense could send Mercer to the region tourney.


9. Wayne County (1-1)

-The Cardinals lost by 23 at Lincoln in their season opener, but thrashed Monticello 91-46. Two consecutive losing seasons for Wayne has sent Cardinal Nation into a frenzy. Look for Rodney Woods to get this team back on track and follow the Lady Cardinals back to prosperity.


10. Pulaski County (1-3)

-The Maroons have lost three games by an average 5.6 points. A last-second heave from mid-court by John Perkins lifted them over Casey by 1 and gave them their first win of the season and left Casey winless. The #1 player in the region, Perkins, has a lot of work to do if he wants to take the Maroons back to the region tourney this year.

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At this point Hector, that looks pretty good. I would probably move East and Pulaski down and maybe Wayne a little higher. Right now, this would be my top 10 (with injuries.)


1. Lincoln County (2-1)

2. West Jessamine (3-0)

3. Somerset (1-2)

4. McCreary Central (3-1)

5. Southwestern (2-2)

6. Wayne County (2-1)

7. East Jessamine (1-4)

8. Boyle County (1-2)

9. Pulaski County (2-3)

10. Casey County (1-4)


Bartley will miss one more game for McCreary (@Wayne tomorrow night), but will be back for the Cumberland County game. I think with him, they're better than West Jessamine and if he would have been in the game Friday, McCreary would have won. East has been really dissappointing this season, as they were predicted as the #2 team in the region. Southwestern has been a little under what I expected, and Wayne has actually done better than predicted.

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I agree with a healthy Bartley,McCreary would probably be my 2 or 3. But If he comes back Dec. 18 it will be the middle of January before he is back to his old self.



Do not underestimate PC. John Perkins is a force. The Whitis kid will only get better, their guard play is their only weakness right now. If a stable Ty Perkins plays for them I think they will give Lincoln all they want.


Somerset will only get better. This Cole kid has all the tools to be really good. They have no weaknesses.



Southwestern has no inside game. The Sears kid and Rogers kid will have to play alot bigger and more consistantly for them to be a contender.


Casey must be like a box of chocolates, You never know what your gonna get. But they looked good against PC and SW.


I am going to see Wayne and McCreary tomorrow.

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