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Early next week


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I've been watching the modeling data for early next week. A warm front looks to pass from the southeast across Kentucky early Monday. Dew points will rise as the moisture behind this front moves into Kentucky. The high temperature for Monday will range from the high 40s to the low 50s.


This map shows the warm front around 7 AM EST on Monday. It looks to be just north of Kentucky.




An arctic low will travel through the Great Lakes region during the day on Monday. It will have an arctic cold front trailing behind it. This front will travel across Kentucky in a southeasterly direction during the overnight hours Monday. This shows its position around 7 AM EST on Tuesday.




Temperatures will fall during the day on Tuesday. Temps could range from single digits to low teens by Tuesday night.




The arctic front will run into the moisture left by the passing of the warm front. This could cause some wintry precipitation.


Here is the simulated radar from the GFS.




At this moment the indications are we may have something brewing. Let me say this is just a snapshot in time and we are too far in advance to really know what we could see in possible snow accumulations. I'm watching it and will post updates as we get closer.


Have a blessed day.

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I will update later this evening. I've been checking the temperatures for next week. Kentucky could see below 0 temps by Wednesday evening. Wind chills could be in the double digits. I may go into a brass monkey watch soon if the temps trend continues. :thumb:

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Temperatures next week are looking like they will be the coldest of this winter. Temps will start to fall during the day on Tuesday and continue to drop into Wednesday. Morning actual air temps look to be around 9 degrees around I-64 and 0 in the Cincinnati/NKY area. Windchills could be from around -10 to -19. Temps will actually drop again during the day Wednesday. Most of Kentucky could see sub-zero temps by Thursday morning. Once again windchill factor will range from single digits to mid-teens below zero. Temps will try to rebound Friday rising into the high 20s to mid-30s.


I will be watching this very closely also the possible snow on Tuesday.

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@nWo. What’s your thoughts for tomorrow afternoon and evening for far WKY. I’m seeing forecasts all over the place.

At the moment it looks like from a dusting to 1". That is what the morning model runs are showing. I'll be back later with a more detailed forecast. I want to see what the afternoon runs show.

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