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When you say "a couple", how many do you mean?


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So I'm getting my half decaf half regular coffee at DQ the other morning, and the lady at the drive thru asks if I need cream/sugar. I say yes, a couple of cream please. She asks..."how many"? I say again, "a couple". She then asks..."well how many is that...4, 5"? I said "no, 2". She then proceeds to tell me that when she asks for a couple of something, she wants 4 or 5 of those things and always has to ask for more when she is handed 2, so when someone asks for "a couple" she always ask how many that is. I just kind of shrugged and smiled, but I WANTED to say...well, maybe when asked you shouldn't say a couple, you should say 4 or 5. Because a couple is 2.


I have also noticed more women than men seem to ask for clarification when asking for "a couple", so maybe it's a gender thing?

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