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Bullitt East vs Bullitt Central


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Won't go with the blowout that I did next week but I think BE will play a better game. BE manhandled them at the JV level earlier this week and I think it will be similiar but I'll go with 28-7.


I hope Nelson County wins tonight! Make BE look better.

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I think that Bullitt East's weakness will play right into the strength of Bullitt Central. The O-Line and D-Line play. However, I don't think that Bullitt Central has the horses or confidence to get this win. Look for big plays, special teams, and time of possession to be critical. Bullitt East should have the advantage in all of those areas.


Bullitt East 28-7.


**Bullitt Central's freshmen got a big win over Bullitt East last night 16-0.

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