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  1. Sure its always fun to play somebody new. Im sure Dixie liked the match up in 2004 and wouldnt trade that win over anyone in NKY. edit: yes I know that wasnt a first round match up.
  2. To close to call for me. I think this game is a coin toss.
  3. I dont need to read it again. I question it because of all the garabage that has gone back and forth between X and T this year. While I agree with the comment I dont agree with it being posted here as anything but to stir up trouble.
  4. While it was a big margin of victory X played horrible in the 1st half. Not going to cut it next week.
  5. Wow that state championship game is going to be a blow out. The top 5 teams in 4A are on one side of the bracket.
  6. I agree with that except for 4A. Id say if Male manages to make it past St.X the Trinity passing game will pick them apart.
  7. How about Manual or PRP who would have to beat, St.X, Male, then Trinity just to get to the semis.
  8. What the heck is wrong with us? This thread jacking and fighting is way out of hand. I’m certainly not innocent of throwing a jab here or there in the past but this is insane. The X game thread was closed within 24 hrs and the T game thread was closed within 48. Most of the posters are grown men fighting like two little kids in the sandbox. I’m flat out embarrassed at the way we have represented our schools as of late. We need to step back and really look at the way we conduct ourselves on here. I personally think we are really giving our schools a black eye. Ok I'll climb down off my soapbox now.
  9. Manual will have to take all that money they were saving for new lights and rebuild the field.
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