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  1. I don't know what better,the game or this thread.lol
  2. Went to bed with the Yanks leading 5-1,I was thinking game over time to get some sleep,boy was I wrong.
  3. It wasn't a fluke it was a loss.UK loss to a better team that night,thats the way it goes sometimes.Now its time to put this baby to bed.
  4. My list is so long that there's not enough paper to type it on.lol
  5. I'm going with Boston's K. Youkilis.
  6. Well then,I hope Harang is on his game, and your right about Dusty LRCW, he just don't get it.
  7. I think Duke wins and will score more then 60 points in doing so.I watch both games last night,and yes Butler does have a very good team,but Duke will be too much for them.And just like last night,I will be watching the game.Should be very entertaining,and good luck to both teams.
  8. This has been the best Freshmen Class since 1975,when Jack Givens,Mike Phillips,Rick Robey and James Lee were Freshmen.
  9. Here's a list of 12 very good teams without a title,not in order. 1952,29-3 No.1 AP & UPI 1954,25-0 No.1 AP No.2 UPI 1962,23-3 No.3 AP & UPI 1966,27-2 No.1 AP & UPI 1970,26-2 No.1 AP & UPI 1975,26-5 No.2 AP No.4 UPI 1984,29-5 No.3 AP & UPI 1986,32-4,No.3 AP & UPI 1993,30-4,No.6 AP & No.3 CNN/USAToday 1997,35-5,No.5 AP & No.2 CNN/USAToday 2003,32-4,No.1 AP & No.4 ESPN/USAToday 2010.35-3,No.2 AP You be the judge
  10. Man!!!!!!!!! you all just don't quit do you?
  11. Almost 48 years ago as a 12 year old boy,got to see my first ML game, the year 1962 at Cincinnati the old ball park.I recall that the Reds won the game over the Cards I think,on a nice summer night.My dad really enjoy the game,a big Red fan himself,oh those were the days. Now my son goes with me to a baseball game from time to time.
  12. What I don't like about some of the UK fans is, their bad language,these kind of fans don't have any respect for the fans sitting around them. And its not just UK fans either.
  13. That 1970 team won 26 lost 2 (17-1 SEC)No. 1 AP & UPI;SEC Champs. Co-Captains:Dan Issel and Mike Pratt. Loss to Jacksonville 106-100 in Regional final. Started Lineup: Dan Issel (6-8 Sr. C) 33.9 pts Mike Pratt (6-4 Sr.F) 19.3 pts Tom Parker (6-4 So.F) 10.4 pts Larry Steele (6-5 Jr. F) 9.8 pts Terry Mills (6-2 Sr.G) 9.1pts IMP I think the best team without a Title.
  14. Disappointing loss,nothing we can do about it now, need to move on as I have. Lets Go Reds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. For me.its Butler,Tn.WVU in that order. Have a ?,has WVU ever won a NCAA Championship?I would like to see a team win their first.I know Bulter and Tn.has never won one.
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