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2015 King of the Carpet (All Comers) Week 1 Results


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As always, the results won't be final for 24 hours. All contestants should use that time to check their score for errors. After that time period has passed, the contest is final and the winner should use the following link to claim the prize of choice. If you think your score is incorrect, please send me a PM and I will look into your claim.


Scoring this week was pretty decent overall (plantman's feeble submission notwithstanding); aided by a chestnut of a 5-point super game (that, my friends, was 5 points on a silver platter). While there were no perfect scores, we did have one 17-point entry, so we did not have to utilize a tiebreaker. Congratulations to grizzled contest veteran NEERFAN on his winning score, missing only the Montgomery County-Dixie Heights game as a 1-point pick. Nice to see you back in the winner's circle in one of my contests.


Also congratulations to ATLCat for correctly predicting the 59 total points scored in the Super Game. For that, you get a hearty pat on the back from ol' papa and nothing else of consequence.


This contest includes prizes sponsored by the SPORTS Shop. The Sports Shop is Northern Kentucky's premier source for screen-printed and embroidered apparel! Our experienced staff is ready to assist your team, school, company or organization with all of your printed and embroidered apparel and uniform needs. Contact our professional staff todayand experience the all-new The Sports Shop!


Winners click HERE to claim your prize.


Here are the scores of the KOTC Week 1 games, followed by the scores of the 32 entrants:


Henry Clay 50 Madison Central 9 (5-point Super Game)

North Hardin 53 Daviess County 20

Casey County 42 Breathitt County 14

Greenwood 38 Graves County 6

Rockcastle County 33 East Jessamine 8

Manual 30 Ballard 23

Dixie Heights 21 Montgomery County 17

Kentucky Country Day 21 Ludlow 14

Greenup County 17 Harrison County 15

Garrard County 12 Henry County 6




85_Rebel 16

TheAmishElectrician 16

dmh115 16

psychicscubadiver 15

Rebel 15

Glory Days 15

Randall B. Parker 15

winterweather 14


!am4thecats 14

ATLCat 14


TIGER1988 13

NKY Bandit 12

supernat 12

Rebelstat 12

Jack of all Trades 12

PurplePride92 11

Jumper_Dad 11

16thBBallFan 11

coldweatherfan 11

Tommy22one 11

BigRedMachine05 11

ksowards 11

pirate1960 11

CCHSTiger10 11

colonel-fan 11

Fishhead 10

Content1 10

CKYFan 8

plantmanky 8


Again - check for accuracy and send me a message if I made a mistake. Entirely possible as it was very late when I did the scoring.


See you in Week 2!





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