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I'm not voting for Hillary Clinton

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So Jim, "Let's Get down to the Heart of the Matter."


Do you really think this is the "End of the Innocence" for you down at the "Sunset Grill?" You really are just one of the "Boys of Summer" who thinks he is a "Desperado" but is really no better than Don's "Dirty Laundry."


Oh well, "It's Been a Good Day in Hell" (you'll have to look that one up :lol2:) for you reading this. :thumb:


In my hometown of Warsaw, down west of town where the Ohio River backwater collects and we have a very nice marina with lots of really pricey boats, there used to be a greasy-spoon type place called Dan's, connected with Dan's Marina across US 42.


The place has been renovated in recent years with slips for motor homes and a much expanded parking lot that attracts a lot of bikers on the weekends, especially days like yesterday where it was really sunny and nice.


One of my friends is coming out of a divorce and while staying with his folks for a spell to get back on his feet. He finds himself a quarter-mile and a quick Gator ride away from the place, and he frequently drags another hometown friend with him for libations on Friday/Saturday night.


Lately, they've been trying to get me to go when I visit, and I patently refuse. The name of the place: The Sunset Grill.

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You're from Poland?


Naw, G. Sawville, KY, down on the riverbanks.


Sister city to Warsaw in Poland, but as far as I know there wasn't anyone of Polish descent when I lived there. Since my last name is rather "ethnic," I often got a lot of misguided Polack jokes thrown my way. Kind of like when Hank Hill first meets Khan. "So are you Chinese, or Japanese?"

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