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IF The Playoffs Were 8 Teams...???


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1. Florida State


2. Alabama


3. Oregon


4. Ohio State


5. TCU


6. Baylor


7. Michigan State


8. Mississippi State




My Plan:


Make it like the NCAA Tournament in more ways than are usually mentioned. Geographic regions and having the higher seeded team playing close to home lets the fans and students who can't afford to go to all 3 games go see one within a reasonable distance from home and make it a de facto home game.


Another possibility would be having 2 sites that host 4 games, giving fans a weekend of football and making it like the Sweet 16 or Final Four in basketball.


Try to avoid conference and regular season re-matches until the semi-finals.




My Pairings:





1. Florida State vs. 8. Mississippi State - Atlanta, GA, Georgia Dome

2. Alabama vs. 7. Michigan State - Atlanta GA, Georgia Dome





3. Oregon vs. 6. Baylor - Phoenix, AZ, University of Phoenix Stadium

4. Ohio State vs. 5. TCU - Phoenix, AZ, University of Phoenix Stadium





Winner of Florida State/Mississippi State vs. Winner of Ohio State/TCU - Sugar Bowl, New Orleans, LA, Superdome

Winner of Oregon/Baylor vs. Winner of Alabama/Michigan State - Rose Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, Rose Bowl





Winner of Semifinal #1 vs. Winner of Semifinal #2 - NCAA Championship Game, Dallas, TX, AT&T Stadium

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Just floating this out as an idea: maybe each conference has a city, other than the city designated to host their conference championship game (so no Atlanta, Indianapolis, etc. that is designated as the host city should a team from their conference get one of the higher seeds (ex. the Big 10 could designate Detroit's Ford Field, Minneapolis' Metrodome, etc.; Big XII could use Houston's Reliant; Pac 12 could use University of Phoenix, etc.). This would allow the SEC to use somewhere like New Orleans (which would be an unfair advantage for LSU if the conference final were played there, but could be seen as "fair" for a "de facto home game" in the first round of a playoff that a higher seed had earned.


The cities could rotate where, for instance, if Dallas were the Big XII's choice host city in most years, but were hosting the Championship Game (as they are this year), then the Big XII would replace them with Houston's Reliant or the Alamodome in San Antonio. The next year, Dallas would be back in the rotation for 1st Round/Semi-Finals, what have you. Fans get to experience different cities and there's less likelihood for fans getting burnt out on a town, and more cities get to be in the rotation for the Championship Game, as well as being able to host other playoff games.

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ONLY way I support expanding is if there are NO AUTOMATIC picks...I don't want to see a 3 or 4 loss conf, champion from ANY Conference getting an automatic pick. No Limits either...If Oregon, Stanford and Arizona are all top 8 they all deserve to get in!




Only reason the big schools maintain such a massive advantage over the others is because they've been allowed to.


The bowl system perpetuates it.


The NCAA perpetuates it.


The world wide leader perpetuates it.


The game is rigged.

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