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Boyle County 82 Spencer County 56

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Robbins was a big differents in this game. Sure am glad that he came out to play. As far has Beans "T", he looked at the offical and said "that our 4th foul in a role". Over heard Coach Adams saying that if you say anything about fouls then it is a automatic "T". Internet at home is out right now. Going with a new Internet provider so it will be down till Wed. I will try and get the stat on here tomorrow.

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Some Stats for the Game. Sorry I am late with it.




FG 31/51 60.8%

3pt FG 2/10 20%

FT 18/29 62.1%

Tot Reb. 30

Off. Reb. 8

Def. Reb. 22

Asst. 12

TO 11

Steals 9

Pts off TO 28

Bench Score 26




FG 17/43 39.5%

3pt FG 4/20 20%

FT 18/27 66.7%

Tot Reb. 26

OFF. Reb. 7

Def. Reb. 19

Asst. 5

TO 18

Steals 7

Pts off TO 13

Bench Score 4

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